Monday, April 7, 2014

Hooray Shoes

 I'm trying to be good and smart about my clothing/shopping habits and decided that this spring I would allow myself 2 pairs of shoes.  Yes, I've done this before and the minute I declare it-BOOM!  Amazing shoe sales!  I found some pretty orange/coral (they look more red in this picture) suede sandals in late September, that I've only worn around the house, dreaming of the day the weather would be warm enough to wear them,

(I love that beaded heel,) they really weren't for winter, so this will actually make 3 pairs of spring footwear, I think I can stick with my 2 pair limit...I think...

The hunt for a good sandal is always on my list.  It needs to be comfortable for work, have a smallish heel or wedge, (1 inch or so,) and this year I wanted black.  As luck would have it, I went by Forever 21 (not something that I normally do,) and they had exactly what I have been looking for!

The "Must Have Buckled Sandal."  I have already worked a full day in them and I must say, not so bad.  No rubbing, no blisters.  I will probably add a little insole just under the ball of my foot for a little more long term comfort.  Great for the price, I don't really expect sandals to last past 1 summer, I wear them everywhere, they are my "sensible" summer shoe.

I have been lusting after Stewart Weizman's "Expo" sandal...

which I still lust after, but it was more than I want to spend on a sandal, which is stupid logic because then I decided that my second shoe purchase would be the "Anna" from Reiss,

and it was way more than I usually spend on shoes, especially shoes that are less...ummm...practical.   However, when I say that this is the most comfortable heel/wedge shoe that I own, I mean it!  I could easily spend 8 hours of work in it!  

Sadly, it is still cold and rainy here, although we've had a few days that have allowed us to bare the toes...but soon...very very soon...


Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Wouldn't Kick Any Of These Pieces Out Of My Closet-Titania Inglis

I came across the designer Titania Inglis recently in one of my favorite magazines, Zink.  After doing a little google search her, and discovering some of the most lovely minimalist designs and I became obsessed!

Ok, This isn't really minimal, but I thought it was quite dynamic, sort of like armor.  (I'm weirdly into laser cut things right now.)

There are many more amazing pieces on her site, like the Arctic Reindeer Jacket and the Helix Dress- it can be worn backwards!  Genius!  The Cut Away Shell is my personal favorite.

All jewelry is by WXYZ jewelry.   Because geometry rules.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Closet Hunt- Layering Bras

One of the things I am always on the look out for is fun bras that I can layer and don't mind if they might peek out of something...mind you, just a peek!  Here's a few that I have been drooling over...

(Photo Via )
Love this Stella McCartney for Adidas Yoga Bra, functional and pretty!  Perfect for heading to the studio.

(Photo Via)
This T by Alexander Wang Bra is exactly what I'm talking about when I think of a layering piece.  Very chic, and since I'm not very busty, I love the idea of the deep V.  This one is high on the list.

(Photo Via )
I received this Spanx bra for Christmas-talk about comfortable!  I love the fact that it's a little longer and it looks great under sheer tops for that reason.

What other great pieces are out there?  Any other recommendations?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ready For The Day-Black and Navy Shirt Dress

I love a navy and black color combination.  It's subtle without being soft.

And I love a good shirt dress, like the one above.  On the day I wore it, I had errands to run, taught some dance classes (well, I didn't teach it, but I wore it over the dance wear,) then had dinner with a friend.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Family Day-My Sister's Wedding

My youngest sister, J4, recently (and quite spur of the moment,) got married.  A few days later I got sick and haven't really done much but work in between the two.  Anyway, some fun pics the day of the wedding...

I really tried to get some "nice" moments of the bride and her son, like the one above, however, most of what I got was more like this...

 He was not going to take a "nice" picture with a handsome smile, while sitting up straight next to his mother...on purpose.

Nor with his dad.  Look at that silly face!  That being said, this will be something that comes back to haunt her for the rest of her life...there are soooo many pictures of J4 with her eyes crossed and a crooked grin on her face...on purpose.

Anyway, we went to the park for some fun and to take pictures, (if what you mean by fun is walking around on wet rocks in heels and dirt, but whatever.)  The bride is the boss!

It was much colder than it looks...

Ok, I'm not gonna lie, it was fun!  Congratulations to my baby sister!

What have you been up to?

Saturday, March 1, 2014

It's Gonna Be Great When It Warms Up- New Bailey 44 Dress

I know I speak for many when I say I'm sick of winter weather.  Well, maybe more like erratic winter weather.  One day it's 37 degrees, the next it's 70+ and it's killing my allergies and sinuses.  Don't even get me started on the headaches and there really isn't any way to make constant nose blowing very glamorous.
It also keeps me guessing at what to wear.  The day I bought this Bailey 44 dress...

it was sunny and beautiful, looking as though our usual Texas spring time weather was here to stay.  But 2 days later, on the day I had planned to wear it, the rain had shown up again, it was about 37 degrees and I had to add tights, weather appropriate shoes and a heavy coat.  Although I'm actually quite happy with wintery look, I can't wait to wear it on a nicer day without all the extras.

The style of the dress is a little different than I'm used to for Bailey 44, I tend to think of them being a little more body con like this one here, (but maybe it's just that I don't fill it out all the way, very possible.) It lives up to usual softness and quality, as does the eco-leather skirt bottom, I'm certain it will become a go to dress for me.

Are you hating winter as much as I am?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Simplicity Revives My Closet

This L.A.M.B. skirt was a gift and has been in my closet, unworn, for a while now.

As much as I like it, I have had a very hard time with it.  I never know what shoes or shirt to wear with it, and because I'm short, poofy skirts tend to make me feel like a cupcake, or on the other hand, I feel like it may be a little too youthful for me.
But....I like it!
I'm into the super high waist and the embroidered print.  So that's why it still hangs in my closet.  Until today...

Solution: A simple pink button down shirt.  Who knew?  And you can't see my shoes-sorry- they just happen to be an old pair (and dirty) of black and white oxfords from Target.  Done.

I haven't been into basics for a while, but I always love a clean, simple look.  It's classic and beyond trendy.  They can take something that seems unwearable and make it work.

What basics do you depend on in your closet?