Friday, May 17, 2013

Closet Ease-Bailey 44 Dress

I have a few Bailey 44 pieces in my closet but this dress is my favorite...

It's a super soft jersey and the lines are so very flattering, body hugging but not super sexy.  I wouldn't think twice about wearing it with a white or chambray shirt tied over the top of it and a pair of flat sandals. 

(Hmmm...interesting hair day...) A big chunky necklace works just fine too. 
Anyway, I've said it before, dresses just make life easier, especially if you need to be somewhere early, but tend to not be so much an early person, one step, nothing to think about except shoes and accessories.  Actually, now that I think about it, perhaps the dress is only second in ease to a toga,

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but even then you have a belt and sandals to think about...


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Out Of The Closet- My Age (40)

I have thought long and hard about writing this post and I finally decided to do it.  There's no denying it, I am a fashion blogger in my 40's.  I love clothes and blogging and I won't apologize!

It started in the 80's when I first discovered high fashion magazines like "Town and Country" and "Vogue" at the doctors office.

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  No lie, the waiting room always ended up a few publications lighter by the time I left.  The photos, the glamorous stories, the incredible lifestyles!!!!  Of course this convinced me that central Wisconsin had to be the least cultured place in the world as far as fashion went, (not true, but maybe not far off.)

My small town finally received a mall around the time I was in 5th grade and even though we didn't have cable at my house, I was very aware of it when I went to friends homes who did have it.

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  I loved watching MTV for 2 things...the clothing and the dancing! 

I started going through my own little fashion phases, the first around 6th grade, when breakdancing was very popular...I think I owned 3 pairs of parachute pants and in 7th grade, neon colors and neon colors only! (Mom and Dad were not thrilled and did not allow this apparel to be worn to church.)  8th grade brought on an envy of every girl who owned a Limited fisherman's sweater.

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 When high school came along, matchy matchy was VERY in as were dressy shorts with nylons and flats or white Keds.  I rarely wore jeans and loved 2 piece skirt and top sets...anyway, I could go on.

I'm not saying that in these 40 years I've become a fashion know it all, in fact far from it.  But fashion educated me in ways that have helped shaped my life.  You know that neon phase?  Yeah, I was the only one in my school (town?) doing this, and I wore that neon- puffy paint- tropical sunset tee shirt proudly (I even got a sneak into church!)  And in high school wearing my matching houndstooth skirt and top (I wish I still had this,) during exam time?  Well, maybe feeling good just has a little something to do with how well you perform. 

Anyway, this is becoming psychology, and I'm just saying I'm a fashion blogger in my 40's.