Saturday, March 28, 2009


J4 and I went to one of my favorite local boutiques, Strut. This place is filled with daring up to date styles with incredible prices, and carry clothing shoes purses and accessories.

One of my favorite pieces went for about$18...

Though I didn't see the red bracelet, (these pictures came off their website,) I did see it in cream and yellow and I couldn't decide between the two.

I liked the fact that most of the racks were color coordinated and they expanded upstairs into space that had once been occupied by a men's store so there were even more goodies to look at.

This one was on their black and white rack, but unfortunately not in my size.

J4 fell in love with the blue pair of these shoes which are more of a silk fabric than the photo shows. (In her own words, "I have an unnatural fondness for anything purple or blue.")

I myself found a dress with a very sexy low back that I can't wait to wear when the weather gets warmer, but you'll have to wait until I post it. (See? Already planning on the perfect setting!)

Unfortunately the website is not so good and maybe the store needs a tad bit of editing (or plan on spending some time) but I guarantee almost anyone can find something to their liking within a reasonable price range.

They have three locations here in Austin but the only one I've been to is on South Lamar. Maybe I can find my size at one of the other stores...


Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Dress Vs. Bad Date

What girl doesn't get excited about a new dress. The minute we have it in our possession we're planning on the perfect place and setting to wear it. Oh how wonderful it's going to make us feel! And that's exactly how a new dress should make a girl feel. But is the occasion worth the dress? Here's a story that I heard today that made me ask that exact question...

Upon receiving her new dress that had been shipped to her office "Tammy" wondered aloud to her co-workers "Maybe I should wear this on my date tonight," to which they responded "Don't waste a new dress on that jerk. He's not worth it. Just throw on a basic black dress." (Apparently no one in her office is a fan of the young man and if many people are telling her this, there's probably some truth to it...) Anyway, if a date, even with a jerk, isn't worth a new dress, then when is the time appropriate?

Just wondering...

Monday, March 9, 2009

I Wish I Had In My Closet - Donna Karan Toreador Skirt

(Photo from

I love this skirt! This is closet art at it's best! The topic reminds me of Picasso, the shape is reminiscent of the 50's. This would be in my everyday rotation if I could afford it. I may have to hunt down some vintage fabric and break out the sewing machine.