Monday, June 30, 2014

Black Pants Might Be The Death Of Me

Black pants.
The one "thing" I seem to collect and have a hard time giving up.  I have at least 6 pairs, and I don't even wear them all that often!  I guess I sort of see them as the ultimate basic and I'll never know when I'm gonna need them.
Anyway, I've been doing a closet clean out and some things just have to be worn one more time before deciding if something will stay or go and these black cropped pants are the perfect example of that...

I figured going to the movies would be a good test drive for them.  They were comfortable, they kept me warm enough, (I always freeze at the movies,) but looking at them on me...well, maybe not so good.
And yet I still find it crazy hard to pull them out of my closet permanently!  I wonder what the psychology behind that is...maybe one day they'll find my body buried under my hoard of black pants and declare that the pants were my demise...hmmm...that does not paint a pretty picture, does it?

What do you find hard to kick out of your closet?


Sunday, June 1, 2014


Just a small snippet from life.  My form isn't perfect, and I never intended to post this but well, here it is anyway.
I was trying to set up my iPad to video one of my classes' recital dance - easier said than done.  Because the studio is so big and I was the only one in it, the music quality is not so great, but I am wearing what has come to be my summer uniform, a swingy tank from Sunday in Brooklyn and AG denim leggings.  
I have seemed to collect a lot of tanks in this style this spring while waiting for the summer heat to hit.  And it finally has. 
Recital time has come and gone and now I'm looking forward to teaching summer classes, which I love because it becomes experiment time for me and is less "formal" than regular classes, 

What plans do you have for summer?