Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beaded Pinecone Ornament DIY

Beaded Pinecone Ornament

So here's what you'll need...

1) Glue Gun
2) Glue Sticks
3) Scissors
4) Ribbon or String
5) Pinecone
6) Beads

And here are a few more ideas for using your ornament...

Napkin ring

In vase or bowl for table centerpiece

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Out and About in Austin

Happy December!
  I can't believe I'm saying that already!  Partly because of the amazing weather we've had...the 1st of December was in the 80's, sunny and lovely.  I'm not sure about the sun but it's still supposed to be 81 degrees today.  No complaints really, that's why I moved from the mid-west in the first place!  And I took full advantage of it yesterday! 
  It started out early, the dance studio I teach at had their annual holiday show, Breakfast With Santa, and I wish I had taken photos but it's really kind of too crazy for that.  However, I'm pleased to say that my little group of performers did fabulous, (despite the dress rehearsal the night before.)  They made me proud! 
After, the BF and I decided to head to the Triangle for a bite to eat, which was perfect because a couple of my co-workers were there at the Violet Crown Arts Festival, showing their wares.  I love the clean modern shapes of these pieces...

 The black on black earrings are my favorites! 

You can visit their site, jpear Design if you like what you see here.

After, we ate at Galaxy Cafe...

(Photo via)
Once again I failed to take pictures of because the BF and I were involved in a heavy duty, super intense discussion about the our future which superseded any pics of my French Breakfast, which was a slice of quiche, 1/2 a bagel and fruit cup.
  Anyway, we roamed the Triangle for a while before heading back to the car, and we stopped at one of my favorite local shops, SoLa.  I found so many great and reasonably priced items for people on my Christmas list!  Plus, I found these for myself... 

Yup, I fell into the "one for you, one for me" shopping trap but these were only $15...super sale!  I'd love to wear them today, but that requires a fresh pedicure...

  You would have thought this was plenty for today, but no, the studio still had one more holiday show, this time at the Georgetown Stroll.  Georgetown is a little further north of Austin, and is adorable.  The Square is filled mostly with restaurants and antique shops which aren't really me...

but I love the nostalgic feel of it at holiday time...

What are you doing this weekend?