Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Casual (And Cloudy And Rainy) Monday

Yesterday I dressed as the weather...

It wasn't cold, but it wasn't pleasant.  
At the very least, I managed to be comfortable.  Which is something that has seemed more and more important too me.  I'm even into sneakers lately! Sometimes a non fussy shoe and minimal or lack of jewelry is what I want.  

Anyway, I'm into the extreme hi-low hem of this Deletta top.  The back of the shirt is a much thinner fabric than the front.  I think it's going to be a summer staple...with jeans and Converse...

Is comfort a major factor in how you dress?


Monday, April 7, 2014

Hooray Shoes

 I'm trying to be good and smart about my clothing/shopping habits and decided that this spring I would allow myself 2 pairs of shoes.  Yes, I've done this before and the minute I declare it-BOOM!  Amazing shoe sales!  I found some pretty orange/coral (they look more red in this picture) suede sandals in late September, that I've only worn around the house, dreaming of the day the weather would be warm enough to wear them,

(I love that beaded heel,) they really weren't for winter, so this will actually make 3 pairs of spring footwear, I think I can stick with my 2 pair limit...I think...

The hunt for a good sandal is always on my list.  It needs to be comfortable for work, have a smallish heel or wedge, (1 inch or so,) and this year I wanted black.  As luck would have it, I went by Forever 21 (not something that I normally do,) and they had exactly what I have been looking for!

The "Must Have Buckled Sandal."  I have already worked a full day in them and I must say, not so bad.  No rubbing, no blisters.  I will probably add a little insole just under the ball of my foot for a little more long term comfort.  Great for the price, I don't really expect sandals to last past 1 summer, I wear them everywhere, they are my "sensible" summer shoe.

I have been lusting after Stewart Weizman's "Expo" sandal...

which I still lust after, but it was more than I want to spend on a sandal, which is stupid logic because then I decided that my second shoe purchase would be the "Anna" from Reiss,

and it was way more than I usually spend on shoes, especially shoes that are less...ummm...practical.   However, when I say that this is the most comfortable heel/wedge shoe that I own, I mean it!  I could easily spend 8 hours of work in it!  

Sadly, it is still cold and rainy here, although we've had a few days that have allowed us to bare the toes...but soon...very very soon...