Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Simplicity Revives My Closet

This L.A.M.B. skirt was a gift and has been in my closet, unworn, for a while now.

As much as I like it, I have had a very hard time with it.  I never know what shoes or shirt to wear with it, and because I'm short, poofy skirts tend to make me feel like a cupcake, or on the other hand, I feel like it may be a little too youthful for me.
But....I like it!
I'm into the super high waist and the embroidered print.  So that's why it still hangs in my closet.  Until today...

Solution: A simple pink button down shirt.  Who knew?  And you can't see my shoes-sorry- they just happen to be an old pair (and dirty) of black and white oxfords from Target.  Done.

I haven't been into basics for a while, but I always love a clean, simple look.  It's classic and beyond trendy.  They can take something that seems unwearable and make it work.

What basics do you depend on in your closet?