Monday, December 2, 2013

Found In My Winter Closet

Oh winter wardrobe, why do I live in a place that's really only cold for one month?  It's never enough time to really wear all my winter goodies!   I have finally had a chance to sort through some of my closet, storing the strappy summer dresses and sandals, and replacing them with sleeves and tights, though I'm no where near finished with the task.  But the joy of falling in love all over again with these items that I haven't seen since last February is immeasurable!

Two things that I have very rarely worn happen to be this cocoon cardigan thing from Moth and pale blue pleated column dress by Bordeaux, and never have they been worn together.  It just so happened that I needed a little something to keep me warm this morning.  And now that I look at it, the neck line of the dress appears to make me look a lot like a football player…

But weirdly enough I don't mind it…it's a shape thing…the two together make me very happy!

What was once lost but now is found in your winter closet?


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scaring The Pants Off Of Me - White Denim

White denim.  Another of those "iffy" items in the closet.  Am I gonna get them dirty, is it too late in the year to wear "white" white?  The answer to both those questions is probably yes.  Whatever.  I wore them...

And I wore them on a Monday too.  We had just gotten in from San Fran late the night before and they were clean and nothing else was.  (The reason for the sleepy eyes…)  They also remained relatively white, which is not normally the case.  
This pair is by Vizcaino. I love the fit of them, they are 2% elastane, 98% cotton, so they hold their shape very well and don't stretch and sag within 5 minutes of putting them on.  

Haha...I look like I have elf ears in this picture…
But I am beginning to feel that sparkle of the upcoming holidays and a this jewel collared sweatshirt is fun!  (I love sequins etc, but I often feel like I'm wearing a dance costume from back in the day.  This is a good amount for me!)

So whatever, white denim anytime of the year is good for me.  I will, of course, freak out about getting them dirty because that's just the way I am…I'm working to get over this…really, I am….


Monday, November 4, 2013

I Am Happy With Normal

The wedding is over (finally, but it was lovely.)  I have a computer (finally, but still learning to use it.)  Life has been exciting and I've enjoyed every bit of it, but I'm ready for life to get back to normal, whatever that might be.

Anyway, just playing around with the new computer, a MacBook Air, which I predict is really far more than I need, but what can I say?  It's place in pop culture sucked me in.
Onto the practicing…So anyway, here's a picture about a week or so before the wedding…

Leather in the work place!!!  Is this an acceptable trend?  
We have had some colder weather, and I can finally wear this dress from My Tribe.  It's perfect for going into fall and winter.  And can we talk about shape and fit for a minute?  Really quite a classic sheath, and I don't feel like I've been "poured" into the dress.  Plus, I've had to do no alterations with this one.  Here I'm wearing it with an old blouse from Javier Simorra and Doc Martins, which have become my staple shoe lately.

I feel like the blouse underneath kept the look a little softer, not so hard core, which a leather dress might otherwise feel.  (I think I might try it with a blazer next time.)  So would you wear leather to work?

Next week the hubby and I will be headed for San Francisco for our honeymoon, any recommendations, restaurants, sights, museums, places that we should visit?

(Mrs.) J.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

New To My Closet- Beaded Sash Belt

I know, I'm a hater when it comes to the sash belt.  But this beaded beauty...

was just too perfect for the dress I happened to be wearing on the day I found it....

and after getting it home, it magically seems to work with at least 2 more dresses and at least 1 skirt...


Oh yeah, if you can't tell, still no computer, haven't figured out how to take good pics with the iPad yet.  Life.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blogging Via My iPad...the First Post

My computer is not functioning right now so I'm blogging for the first time from my iPad, an experiment.  Not sure what the diagnosis is, but I'm not in a financial place to find out or buy a new one right now...moving forward...

So, I don't really bake (you may have seen my pumpkin pie video...that's it,) therefore I'm pretty limited in the dessert area.  But one thing I will make is an easy fruit parfait with home made whipped cream, which is perfect for summer...

So come on, enjoy a few calories with me...

Here's what you'll need:
1) Hand mixer
2) Heavy whipping cream
3) Vanilla (I love the Mexican variety)
4) Fruit and berries of your choice
5) Sweetener of some kind, powder sugar works well, this is what I had on hand

The only thing not in the picture is a large glass bowl which I have in the fridge.  Using a cold bowl makes the process go faster and the cream splatters at first and then expands as you mix air into it so a larger bowl is a wise choice.

Pour your cream, vanilla and sweetener into the cold large bowl and hold the mixer on high to it for about 4-5 minutes.  You'll get nice fluffy peaks when it's ready.  I also adjust any flavor at this point, more vanilla or sweetener, maybe nothing if you like it.  ( I would like to try adding peppermint extract for hot chocolate.)

Then begin layering fruit and whipped cream into the bowl...super easy!

Yeah, I suppose I could be healthier and use yogurt but hey, I was gonna eat the baked goods anyway.

(PS- wait till you see what can be done with the leftover whipped cream!  In process now...)

So what do you do when your computer is a quitter?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scary Clothing in My Closet-The White Skirt

So yes, another never before seen from my closet, this beautiful Annie Griffin silk faille skirt...

Pristine, (white always makes me use that word,) fresh and beautiful, it was something that I had to let sit behind closed, sliding, mirrored doors before I decided to wear it.
I'm not sure what my hesitation was...perhaps it's the attraction of anything like chocolate or coffee to this lovely, colorless shade that scares me off or the "automatically wrinkle in humidity" properties that silk seems to have (wrinkles kill my Virgo anal perfectionist sensibilities,) or for whatever reason, I crave the wearing of white during, shall we say, a risky time of the month, (there's gotta be some kind of psychological connection there, I have many thoughts on this,) but who knows.

 (Better view of necklace.)  Well, on Wednesday, it finally made its debut, and just as predicted,  a dirty horror struck and I got a flat on my way to work!   However, I made it through the catastrophe and the rest of the day with only a little bit of chocolate on it.  (May I  remind you that while wearing white, all one has to do is think the word chocolate and it somehow appears on the once unblemished garment.  Personally, I think about chocolate a lot.) 

What item in your closet scares you?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Fashionable Mental Escape

As much as I love to blog, sometimes life just catches up and leaves no time for it, such has been the case this summer so far.  At work, a co-worker quit and another is on maternity leave.  At home, I'm planning my wedding and spending a crazy amount of money at the dentist both of which have cut into my clothing budget in a big way.  Not to mention catching a virus and having no voice (I won't even bring up the cold sore...STRESS!)  So what's a girl to do?  Alterations apparently.  At least that's what I seem to be doing in what little spare time I have.

Earlier this year I pulled out all of things out of my closet that I haven't worn or have worn only once due to the fact that they need altering.  Now that I've gotten through some of them it's like an entirely new wardrobe! (Recognize some?  A few have already made their way to a post.)   Anyway, I think these projects are my way of escaping or perhaps it's because I can see progress quickly...or maybe I just want something new to wear.

The crop top in front, (just a shirt I was getting rid of,)  is an experiment, I'm not sure I want to take it back to the 80's.  And so far the experiment is a failure...I haven't had the nerve to wear it yet.  Maybe tomorrow? 

And no, the BF is not thrilled about the fact that the ironing board has been set up in the living room since the beginning of June, but hey, I wanted to elope.
(Wait, that makes me look like a poop...I'm not anti-wedding, I had just never thought about it!) 
Anyway, he's got a while before it's coming down, there's more waiting to be altered...


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Out And About in Austin-Brunch At Mulberry

I was up crazy early today and yet it has taken me all day to post about my morning!  Anyway, storms and bad allergies got me out of bed which isn't to glamorous a claim, but the truth.  The storm itself was a nice surprise (even though it ends up making the rest of the day humid and gross,) and I sort of enjoyed the rare gloom.
But by 8 AM, I was starving and the 3rd cup of coffee wasn't doing it for me and it didn't take much to convince the BF to get out of bed for brunch.  (Which he did around 9:30, sort of a record for him.)  He had been teasing me with pictures of Mulberry for a while and I had been wanting to check it out for at least a year but had heard mixed reviews. I'd say it was well worth the early rise...

He had the blueberry crepes,

And I had the french toast.   My picture doesn't show it but the single slice is at least 2 inches thick, and perfectly buttery soft on the inside...It was amazing, it was obscene.  I hope to return...

After this a short walk was called for, if only to check out the landscape,

I love this Ranna Gill dress, it has neon studs on it!

Seriously, I need to shout it out loud NEON STUDS!!!  Ack, the pictures don't do it justice, it's much better in person.  The shoes however rubbed blisters and I wasn't able to walk much further, it was the first time I'd worn them for any length of time.

We made one last stop at Vintage Heart Coffee for vanilla lattes. 
 I figure you know what a cup of coffee looks like so here's one of the amazing murals in the parking lot. 

What'd you do today?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Look From My Closet That I Never Thought I'd Wear

For $19.95, I am in love with this Girls From Savoy dress...

 At that price point I don't feel bad shortening it AND wearing it as a day dress, even though it is a bit more fancy than I would normally wear.  I think it has come down to the shoes...

  I admit wearing platform sandals like these reminds me a bit of Elle Fanning in this Chanel dress,

(Photo via)
 and originally, I wasn't a fan of this look, but I love how it makes the entire look more casual and much easier for running errands.  Plus they pull out the glimmer of gold in the fabric...

I wasn't entirely sure that I didn't look crazy, but the response from my co-workers was positive, and I have no doubt I'll wear the ensemble again.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm Glad I Kept This In My Closet-The Denim Shirt

I remember when I first started this blog, I had debated whether or not to keep this denim shirt in my closet...

 At the time, I had hardly worn it at all, I think because I remember the denim/chambray shirt from the 80's and wasn't in love with it back then.  Now I can't get enough of it.  It's the perfect layering piece, striking the balance between the heavier denim jacket and the simple white button down. 

 It works over dresses and with skirts but I still can't bring myself to do the double denim.

What item in your closet are you happy to have held on to?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Out And About in Austin-The Butterfly Bar

I have been stuck at home sick on and off for the last two weeks and I finally had the chance to get dressed and go out for the evening! 
Yup, no more pajamas and sweatpants.  No heels but they weren't really necessary for the night.  Austin is probably one of the most casual cities ever and the Butterfly Bar helps it live up to that reputation.

   (Photo via)
It's attached to a local theater, the Vortex.  I think it sort of serves as the concession stand for the theater.  The inside is lovely but it's even better outside...

 (Photo via)
You can hang out on the patio or in one of the many outdoor chairs...

  (Photo via)
or in the greenhouse for a little privacy.  No heels...they either get caught between the porch planks or dig into the dirt.  I speak from experience.  But like I said, Austin is very casual and this place is kind of like hanging out at your neighbor's, which also happens to have an excellent Italian food cart conveniently located in the backyard...

 Mmmm!  Patrizi's!  I don't tend to eat Italian food very often so it's a treat when I do.  Apparently the family has a few restaurants around Texas and this is the 2nd food trailer/cart in Austin.

 Plastic forks and paper plates...Last night I had the carbonara and soup special. 

(If I hadn't almost gotten my car towed, it would have been a perfectly lovely took a lot of politeness and sweet talk, but I got out of it!)
I love eating outdoors and the sweaty hot nights of Austin...what do you love about where you live?


Friday, May 17, 2013

Closet Ease-Bailey 44 Dress

I have a few Bailey 44 pieces in my closet but this dress is my favorite...

It's a super soft jersey and the lines are so very flattering, body hugging but not super sexy.  I wouldn't think twice about wearing it with a white or chambray shirt tied over the top of it and a pair of flat sandals. 

(Hmmm...interesting hair day...) A big chunky necklace works just fine too. 
Anyway, I've said it before, dresses just make life easier, especially if you need to be somewhere early, but tend to not be so much an early person, one step, nothing to think about except shoes and accessories.  Actually, now that I think about it, perhaps the dress is only second in ease to a toga,

 (Photo via)
but even then you have a belt and sandals to think about...


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Out Of The Closet- My Age (40)

I have thought long and hard about writing this post and I finally decided to do it.  There's no denying it, I am a fashion blogger in my 40's.  I love clothes and blogging and I won't apologize!

It started in the 80's when I first discovered high fashion magazines like "Town and Country" and "Vogue" at the doctors office.

 (Photo via )
  No lie, the waiting room always ended up a few publications lighter by the time I left.  The photos, the glamorous stories, the incredible lifestyles!!!!  Of course this convinced me that central Wisconsin had to be the least cultured place in the world as far as fashion went, (not true, but maybe not far off.)

My small town finally received a mall around the time I was in 5th grade and even though we didn't have cable at my house, I was very aware of it when I went to friends homes who did have it.

(photo via )
  I loved watching MTV for 2 things...the clothing and the dancing! 

I started going through my own little fashion phases, the first around 6th grade, when breakdancing was very popular...I think I owned 3 pairs of parachute pants and in 7th grade, neon colors and neon colors only! (Mom and Dad were not thrilled and did not allow this apparel to be worn to church.)  8th grade brought on an envy of every girl who owned a Limited fisherman's sweater.

(Photo via )
 When high school came along, matchy matchy was VERY in as were dressy shorts with nylons and flats or white Keds.  I rarely wore jeans and loved 2 piece skirt and top sets...anyway, I could go on.

I'm not saying that in these 40 years I've become a fashion know it all, in fact far from it.  But fashion educated me in ways that have helped shaped my life.  You know that neon phase?  Yeah, I was the only one in my school (town?) doing this, and I wore that neon- puffy paint- tropical sunset tee shirt proudly (I even got a sneak into church!)  And in high school wearing my matching houndstooth skirt and top (I wish I still had this,) during exam time?  Well, maybe feeling good just has a little something to do with how well you perform. 

Anyway, this is becoming psychology, and I'm just saying I'm a fashion blogger in my 40's.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Closet Satisfaction-White Heels

With the addition of these snowy heels,

I am having a brief moment of closet satisfaction. I've been on the hunt for at least 2 months, (once again, it was a size issue, nothing to be had in a size 5,) and they are exactly what I've been looking for, a basic leather, open toe in white, something that I think will actually be in my closet for a long time. 

Yes, satisfied...there's no knowing how long this will last.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pleated Persuasion

I fell hard for this mini pleated midi length skirt...

(Close up...the details get lost on black.) I normally stay away from the pleated persuasion because sometimes I think it adds inches in places where I don't want them, but this one from Bordeaux drapes quite nicely, I'm guessing because the crimping is much smaller.

Ok, so on me it's maybe a little closer to a maxi, but I can still show off a great shoe. It's a piece that I can dress up easily so really the challenge will be to dress it down, to be more wearable for day.  Which I attempted to do with this look, just going with a simple cotton v-neck top/tee, (that I have actually been debating about getting rid of,) and fun necklace from Debbie Carroll. I would love to find a great flat sandal to wear with it for summer...suggestions?


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Out And About In Austin

Warning-Picture Heavy
This past weekend, on a hunt for a very specific mustard, I visited no less than 3 local farmers markets.  When the lady who makes and sells the mustard was finally found, she was already sold out!  (It's that good!)  Bummer, but at least I know where to find her and I guarantee that I'll be first in line to get it this coming weekend, and I'm not complaining about that because Austin has some great local vendors and there's nothing like cooking with fresh foods and of course there's no calories in taking pictures of pretty food...
On Saturday the BF and I visited the Barton Creek Farmer's Market, one of the nicer and bigger markets around. Isn't this beet beautiful?  It's from one of my favorite local farms, Johnson's Backyard Garden.  They always have a great variety and a few interesting things as well, (like black Spanish radishes.)

I didn't buy any beets or radishes but I did buy some of these turnips, which I have only eaten once and have never prepared myself, so these will be an adventure for sure!  (Let me know if you have any good recipes!)

  I love this sign!  And I'm looking forward to eating some lamb.  (I go for ground.)  It's a new item in my diet and I only eat it every so often because it's a heavier and fattier meat than chicken or beef but it's delicious!

Afterwards we stopped at Gourdough's Public House for lunch, another new place for me.

Anything and everything served on or with a donut!  Burgers were actually served on donuts instead of buns.  Sounds weird because you think it's going to be overly sugary but not so!  They were a little bit on the sweet side, but without any frostings or fillings it worked perfectly with the saltier items that it was served with.

 I had 3 Little Guidos.  Pork belly, mozzarella, basil and tomato on donuts with homemade chips.  What can I say but WOW!

I guess technically this place is a bar and the rustic, industrial interior is really quite perfect, very Austin.  Afterwards, we rolled ourselves home for a nap.

  On Sunday we thought we would try to catch the mustard lady at another market, this time it was the Mueller Market, but sadly, she wasn't at this location.  However, this one had more prepared foods, and was very child friendly with a petting zoo and balloons.

You see the rectangular donut on the right?  Peanut butter frosting and jelly filling.  And it was amazing!  (Ok, so it wasn't the healthiest of weekends...) 

So after admiring some ducks we made our way out to Micklethwait's Meat Trailer, the newest, hyped up barbeque joint (trailer) in town.

 Barbeque goes fast here in Austin and to get the good stuff you gotta go early, that's all there is to it.  Usually you need to be in line by 10:30 AM.  We got there around 1:30 and they were already sold out of everything but ribs and sausage and 2 or 3 sides.  I was already full by the time we got there so after a few bites of sausage, I was done!  The BF enjoyed the ribs.

Verdict-Sometimes BBQ gets a little over spiced but we both agreed that you could actually taste the meat and it was very nice.  We will be returning to try the brisket.

As if this post isn't super long already, here's a few pics of the local scenery around the BBQ trailer...

Gigantic BBQ pit/smoker thing...I don't claim to know the process, I just eat it.  And for some reason I find these things wonderfully depressing, like oil derricks.

This little salon was right next door...

and this Airstream was sitting next to it.  I looked up the website - I'm some what intrigued by facial acupuncture.  Anyway, it was just as pretty on the other side...

Used to be that you never went to the East Side of Austin...ever...

What's going on with you?