Saturday, August 25, 2012

As Short As I Go

And maybe I shouldn't really be going this short, but I love this Ace & Jig tunic/dress anyway.

  Perhaps it's more of a personal risk, since I never wear anything more than 2-3 inches above my knee...sometimes I think this length actually makes my legs look shorter.  (I feel this way about cropped pants too.)  Anyway, I envisioned it with black jeans and a different pair of shoes for fall when I purchased it, but it's so soft and lightweight, it was perfect for our spur of the moment evening of art and ice cream...

Mango rose pistachio ice cream with strawberries...yum!!

How short is too short?  How short do you go?


Monday, August 20, 2012

More Pants In My Closet

Yup, I still want pants.  I admit, it's still really too hot for pants here, and probably will be for at least the next month, but when I look at these, I see possibilities...

  OK, yes, they're linen and they'll probably drive me mad with wrinkles, they need to be taken up at least 4 inches and not to mention the mere thought of chocolate and it's instantly on them, but I couldn't resist!  I can see these in my closet for years to come!  (These pants call for a celebration with my favorite Christian LaCroix red evening sandal...but no chocolate...)
This pair is as close as I can get to a perfect fit in pants off the rack.  Of course I had to have them!  I even like them rolled at the end...perfect for flats!

Well, the obsession continues...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Closet Craving-Pants

Are pants the new chocolate?  Yeah, a risky look but I was craving pants...

I love the high waist of these Cory Lynn Calters, they make my legs look much longer, though I admit, I'm actually debating whether or not to take the legs a little shorter to wear with wing tips instead of my usual heels, I think I might wear them more often that way.

Close up of pants...tiny diamonds!

What closet cravings have you given in to lately?