Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hooray! Shoes!

Shoe update! 

These Sabrina's from the Doc Marten store in Portland are my favorite vacation souvenir.  They are so comfortable!  I've even worn them under a fancy maxi dress that's too long for me and nobody ever knew the difference...except me who wasn't experiencing any foot pain!

I found this pair of beauties for about $30!  They were marked as a size 7 but out of curiosity, I tried them on and they fit!  (I wear a size 5.) I can't pull them off too much longer with fall on it's way but they do look great with a black jean and simple tee while it's still warm...

You know how it is when you have a vision of something in your brain and that's exactly what you want?  (But never do find?)  Well these come as close to the idea of my dream flat ankle boot.  And at Target of all places!  (Actually I do very well with Target shoes, for some reason their sizing is just right for me...)  Yup, you'll have to pry these off my feet...

Now, if only I can find the perfect black flat...or loafer...both?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Austin Afternoon

I found myself with plenty to do today but no desire to do any of it.  Instead, the BF and I got out butts out of bed and explored some things that we had been hearing about but hadn't yet tried...

We started out at this local deli on campus,

I rarely make it down to the campus area, the usual bad parking if you can even find any, etc, but it being Saturday made it a little easier.  I had the "Quick Lunch Special" with a 1/2 turkey pesto sandwich and pasta salad.  The sandwich had cucumbers and sprouts...mmm...

Afterwards, we went to Antonelli's Cheese Shop and picked up 3 cheeses...

 Clockwise from top left:
Moses Sleeper, a brie like creamy cheese
Kunik, Extra extra creamy...need I say more?
Brick, surprisingly soft and buttery
We also picked up 2 different types of salami.  I like cheese (a lot) but I'm not really very knowledgeable about it.  You definitely go for the experience, you get to sample almost everything in the shop.

Then we stopped at Drink.Well. a new joint in our old neighborhood and enjoyed an afternoon beverage...

  The BF declared that he would be here every night if we still lived there...good thing we moved.
But I did have a yummy house made twinkie.
Our last stop was in.gredients, a zero waste, package free grocery store. 

For the most part, everything is sold in bulk and not only are you are expected to bring your own bags but plastic or glass resealable containers for things such as cereal, flour, even laundry soap.  It's a very small selection but you can buy as little or as much as you need.  We picked up the baguette and milk as well as some local tea tree soap.

And now the salami and cheese is gone and my laundry is still all over my dining room table...well, it was almost a completely magical day...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making The Boyfriend Jean Work

I'm intimidated by the boyfriend jean even though it seems like something innocent and mostly casual.  I never know what to do with them except throw on a tee or tank with a pair of converse and therefore they aren't really work appropriate. 
But Hello Jacket Season!
After rummaging through my overly stuffed closet and trying to narrow down to a more season appropriate wardrobe, I came across my favorite jacket and this unworn floral tee purchased earlier this summer, and thought Voila!  I can wear this to work!

I wore a basic black peeptoe heel, an easy choice, but I'd still throw on my converse with this look if I was going to be hanging out with my nephew, much more conducive to scooter riding.  (I am an awesome "ambulance" scooter driver if I do say so myself...I don't get to pick, it's appointed to me.  And I make the noises too.  Think what you want.)

What's in your closet that scares you?