Friday, January 25, 2013

Allergies and The Blues

My allergies have hit me full force with a no holding back smack along side the head, and I know I'm not the only one.  I wake up (that is if I can even sleep,) everyday to congestion, sneezing and devil red eyes that itch so bad that no amount of prescription eyedrops can alleviate!  Today they were accompanied with a headache, body aches and even a little fever on and off all day, typical symptoms of cedar fever which are just not quite bad enough to call into work.  So I sucked it up and went....

I love this aqua skirt and since the temperature made it's way up to the 80's today, (a bit of a luxury in January,) I figured it was the perfect day to wear it.  It's hard to see in the pictures but it has tiny pleats all the way around it and is very floaty when I walk, which sort of enhanced the the medicated haze that I was roaming around in all day.  I really wanted to wear it with a gold sequined tank but the two together were not quite right, but the texture and fit of this navy tank worked well, so I decided to keep the color theme going with the navy booties, and right on up to my eyes...

(Photo via)
Nothing like the blues to chase away the red eyes. I used Goddess Eyeshadow from Urban Decay, which I think is now discontinued.  Rumor has it that lining red eyes in navy creates the illusion that your eyes are less red...I promise you it works!  I probably should actually use (and recommend) a liner instead of a shadow that has some glitter in it while the allergies are bad, but this was what I had on hand. 

Now if it could only get rid of the puffiness and stop the constant itch...I swear it's like someone is touching my eye with the tip of a blade of grass, and it waters up so much that occasionally I have tears running down my cheeks...yeah, it's that maddening.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Closet Declaration

"I have too many clothes."

This was a recent thought I'd had as I was jamming yet another black shirt into my dresser, followed by an immediate, audible gasp and thought "Holy S^*$! Did I really think that?  As a blogger and a woman, is that even possible?"
Yes, I admit it, it's true, I have too many clothes.   I have a lovely, nice sized closet, filled to the brim as well as the closet in the guest room (but that one is only 1/2 full,) and a dresser that is stuffed not too mention the alteration pile, the Goodwill pile, and whatever happens to be dirty.  But do you think that stops me?  Nope.  Oh, I admire that girl with the single rolling rack of all grey, black and white, organized and very well thought out, streamlined and edited.  But of course I always think I need more than that.  So that's why I bought one more black shirt...

Sort of a basic go with everything kind of top...

Ok, it's got a little pattern and color to it.  But I like it, and now it's mine. 

Pattern mix in back.
I have a large goal that I really need to start saving for and it has now come to this...I will not be shopping until this goal has been met!  I am determined!  The BF says he doesn't believe it, (and I'm not so sure I believe it myself because I have my eye on a certain pair of shoes...I'm going to have to at least wait for a sale,) but I have no choice and it's simple...If I want to get married, I have to start saving...

I will need major support on this one...
(INSTANTLY I THINK "Doesn't mean I can't look, right?" I will need major support...)


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Out Of The Closet and Out For Dinner-The Midi Skirt

Hooray for cold weather!  Ok, normally I embrace the sun and heat of Texas but every now and then a bit of cold and gray can be sort of long as it doesn't last more than 3 days.  After that it begins to depress me a little.

But it's perfect weather to wear this knit midi skirt to work...

Yes, there I am wearing a midi skirt, a length that I swore would never succumb to, not in a million years.  Yup...and I like it!  (Usually any skirt hem that falls between the bottom of my knees and top of my ankle bone is a very bad choice, like somehow my calves are only 9 inches long, it's very weird.)  Anyway, maybe it's the pleats that help create a longer illiusion or something but when I first tried it on, I was shocked at how much I liked it, so it went home with me.  (I found it at a sample sale, and there's no tag so sadly I don't know who to give credit to.)  Oh and those boots?  Yeah, I seem to be wearing them all the time.  Ok, so it's never too cold for peep toes.

After work I was starving so the BF and I headed out to a new little place I'd been wanting to try, Epicerie Cafe and Grocery.  For a Tuesday night, the place was hopping!  It's really quite tiny and the seating is somewhat communal which I think is the only true downfall to this place.  But it looks like it has a nice patio which I can see myself sitting at when warmer days arrive.

They've only been open 2 weeks, and as far as grocery goes, they didn't  have too much but they did have a nice sized cheese case, a variety of specialty beans and a few other yummy looking treats like a packaged  pressed fruit and nut cake thingy.  (I will be trying a cheese plate next time.)  The menu was somewhat small, but here's what we tried...

Oxtail Stew with turnips over grits.  Sounds crazy I know but it was probably my favorite dish of the night, the turnips were slightly pickled which made for an interesting twist of flavors.

Red beans and rice...mmmmm!  This was spicy but perfect for the current temperatures...sorta sticks to the ribs too.

Fried shrimp sandwich with green tomatoes.  Throw in a glass of red wine and I was a happy girl.  I will be returning...and then heading to the gym...


Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Little To Quick Out Of My Closet

Figured I get a quick post up...

and after looking at the pictures, maybe it's a little too quick.  I immediately headed to the bathroom and smoothed my hair with a little Aveda then fixed the roll on my jeans...sheesh, makes me think about checking the mirror before I leave the house! 

Anyway, I love the lipstick I'm wearing, TIGI lip creme in Manhattan.  The creamy texture is very nice during these dry days.  (It was in my Christmas stocking!)

Normally I like to take my time getting ready...not sure what my problem is today.  I guess I just have too many things I want to get done today...the day sneaks away from me so quickly...


Friday, January 4, 2013

Great Dress for a Nasty Day

37 degrees and raining.  That's what it was when I woke up today, and it remained that way all day.  And normally cold wet weather would put me into a strict jeans, tights, socks, turtleneck plus sweater and reliable shoes kind of uniform...yeah, I'm a true wimp when it comes to any degree below 57.  But the chill gave me the chance to pull this Ambiente sweater dress (never worn,) out of my wardrobe...

  Actually, I had forgotten about this cozy little piece until I happened to be doing a little closet cleaning and the fact that it was still in the 70's the week before Christmas, well, it just wasn't on my radar.  And now I'm thrilled to have found it!  The soft wool/cashmere blend made it warm and soft, not itchy at all.  But best of all, I didn't get cold! (And after the holidays the Spanx tights helped...a lot!)

I also tried parting my hair down the time I'll aim for a perfect line!

So what do you wear when the weather makes you want to stay in bed?