Sunday, March 28, 2010

Party Recap

Thank you friends for all the birthday wishes for my nephew! It was a beautiful day and J4 really went all out, so I thought I post a quick party recap so you could share in some of the fun...

He's obsessed with Mario and that was the theme of the day! (Along with Spiderman.)

Good old fashioned tug-of-war was a hit! I guess some things just can't be improved upon.

The Spiderman moonwalk was also a big deal. My nephew, however was not thrilled, and did not join in on this one...I think the big Spiderman torso at the top freaked him out.

Pinatas are just way too much fun and there wasn't just one, but 2!

The cake was my favorite! It had a picture of the birthday boy in his Mario costume on it. (This was also the picture on the invite.)

Wish I could share a piece with all of you!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Here's What I'll Be Doing This Weekend...

It's a birthday party!

My nephew turned 5 this week and the party is tomorrow. J4 and I went shopping with him at Party City...sounds fun, and the photos look like it was fun, but he had just had his first cavity filled and he was actually very moody. Oh well. The fun bright colors totally made me happy!

Kazoos! I'm always the one who wants to buy the loud silly, drive-Mom-crazy favors. J4, being Mom, was having none of that. She would have killed me if I'd gotten him the Band In A Box! (He's getting a camera instead.)

"Now I'm Cash!"
That's what he told me when he put these sunglasses on. Yeah.

Oh, to be 5 again! He was done with all his "cool" poses and was onto his silly faces.

He doesn't know that his grandma will be arriving from Wisconsin today for his birthday...he will be so excited!

That being said, I've got housework to do before Mom gets here!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New To My Closet- Bargain Critter

I scored this...

Croc (or is it an alligator?) bracelet for $1! Yes! Sometimes I happen to be in the right place at the right time! Today, as I was recycling my dead car battery, I noticed a new accessory store, Suna's, having their grand opening. So after getting my $9.74 battery refund I just decided to check Suna's out. They had an entire wall of $1 accessories! (Hey, if you get one wear out of it, you've gotten your money's worth, right?) And no, it isn't a quality piece but it's fun for now. I scored a few other pieces but this is by far my favorite.

What's your favorite bargain "score?"


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Colors

I'm not sure what my recent photos are really saying....

Either I need more pastels in my closet or...

A sugar rush!

Perhaps both?

Hope your day is as sweet!



Friday, March 19, 2010

Please Welcome to My Closet - The Shorts

I'm happy to introduce to you, in their second life, the shorts!

Thank you J4 for the photos.

Not only did I shorten them, but also sewed shut all the pockets, front and back, and cut them out. The results leave much smoother lines.

The partnership with the lace top made it much more lunch with the girls than a run to the grocery store and was a nice surprise. (I really haven't worn the top as much as I would have thought.) I think they would also look good with a chambray shirt...I'll probably thrift around for one.

The location turned out to be another fun surprise! Being from a family who camped a lot as a child, I've always felt that forests were a little magical. I can't wait to go back without heels on for an actual hike!

Monday, March 15, 2010

What I Wouldn't Give to Have These In My Closet-Tabitha Simmons Shoes

I have been obsessed with Tabitha Simmons shoes since I saw a version of these in February's Glamour ....

(Photo from

The pair in Glamour, however, happened to be pink and white leather and to die for! There are very few things that instantly make me put a magazine down but I had to look her up. Unfortunately, I didn't find them but I certainly found more to love. The above pair also come in this color variation...

(Photo from

Aqua and salmon! How gorgeous would these be with spring's florals! The pastel shades would even liven up that uniform of jeans and tee that every woman needs, and we all know how comfy a wedge is. What's not to love?

(Photo from

These were featured in an email I received from Bergdorf's and I went crazy for them! Super playful, guaranteed to cheer up April showers!

(Photo from

These nubuck beauties would make my legs 5 inches longer and be the perfect addition for my newly altered shorts, (more on those next time.) I could see these as a summer staple for sure!

Ms. Simmons has some serious talent in the shoe department and I can't wait for more! Her wedges are my favorites but she also does a HOT corseted stiletto...

(Photo from

See what I mean?


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fantasy Glamorous Bag Challenge

The most precious Pearl of Fashion Pearls of Wisdom has tagged me in the Fantasy Glamorous Bag Challenge, in which I name my dream bag and the contents inside. And let me tell you, it was a challenge! There are so many beautiful bags, clutches and totes that I'd love to carry around my wrist that it was almost impossible to choose! After sleeping on it for a night, I thought it would definitely be the Prada Saffiano Frame Clutch, which I posted here, but while flipping through last month's Elle, I came across this...

(Photo from
Christian Louboutin's tulle ruffle-detail satin bag! Why be practical? It is, after all, a fantasy so why not? I adore all the frou frou and fluff! The pink tulle takes me back to my ballet years and who can resist the iconic stiletto clasp?

And since this is a glamorous daydream, I don't have the need to carry everything and the kitchen sink as I usually do which is a good thing since very little could actually fit inside, only the necessities. And what would those consist of?

(Photo from
Besides my driver's license, phone and debit card, I certainly need my keys and having them attached to the graphic Notre Dame Stained Glass North Wind keychain from, would actually make it easy to find inside the satin lined lovely above.

(Photo from
YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick in #11 Rose Culte would freshen up any set of kissers for spring! Normally I avoid something so strong on my lips, but once again, since my imagination is going strong, I'm also pretending that I'm no longer afraid of anything creamier than a gloss. (Me being me would also use it as a cream blush in a pinch.) The packaging alone is so pretty, it almost makes it acceptable to apply at the dinner table.

(Photo from
Last but not least, I'd cram this fragrant Lolita Lempicka perfume mini on top of it all.

Hmmm...sounds like a nice night out!

Now comes my favorite part...seeing what bags the following bloggers pick!

Ms. B at
Audrey Allure at
Ah at
Erin at


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another alteration in My Closet-Olive Capris

Yes, these are capris, and yes, I know that they are not the most flattering.

There are some redeeming qualities, the olive color, they lay nice and flat at the stomach and I like the thick band that go up either side. (Maybe hard to see?) So I think they'll work out fine as shorts.

Problem is, I'm really unsure about the length I should hem them up to.

A knee length walking short is still suitable for most situations but does it look as dumpy as the original capri?

Mid thigh is maybe my least favorite. To me it some how makes my legs look that possible?

And last but not least, shorter than the last picture and cuffed. Maybe too casual? Do I look like I'm going to camp?


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dinner For Two

I remember my grandma sitting in these chairs at her kitchen window whistling at the cardinals in the winter. She did it for so long that they actually answered back...she was good! They had been in my grandparents house for years and when the time came for them to be passed to a new household, they landed in my sister's possession.

She replaced the vinyl on one of the chairs with blue fabric, the brown on the right is the original. I have told her for the last 5 years that when she was ready to get rid of them to let me know. I had a vision...

And even though I've reupholstered an entire sofa before, these were more difficult than I had expected...working with vinyl is completely different than working with fabric! I finally figured out that heating it with my hair dryer made it much easier.

I found this tag on the bottom of the original. I can't believe they turn 34 years old this month! They've held up well since 1976!

But in white vinyl, they're beautiful and perfect for my kitchen! They are exactly as I'd imagined, maybe even better!

They look a little 80's, all I need is a Lucite table...I wish! Actually, they are just the right touch for the rest of my kitchen which is quite contemporary. We have been remodeling it since August and I have one last project before it's finally complete, a little plumbing. But that's for tomorrow.