Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scary Clothing in My Closet-The White Skirt

So yes, another never before seen from my closet, this beautiful Annie Griffin silk faille skirt...

Pristine, (white always makes me use that word,) fresh and beautiful, it was something that I had to let sit behind closed, sliding, mirrored doors before I decided to wear it.
I'm not sure what my hesitation was...perhaps it's the attraction of anything like chocolate or coffee to this lovely, colorless shade that scares me off or the "automatically wrinkle in humidity" properties that silk seems to have (wrinkles kill my Virgo anal perfectionist sensibilities,) or for whatever reason, I crave the wearing of white during, shall we say, a risky time of the month, (there's gotta be some kind of psychological connection there, I have many thoughts on this,) but who knows.

 (Better view of necklace.)  Well, on Wednesday, it finally made its debut, and just as predicted,  a dirty horror struck and I got a flat on my way to work!   However, I made it through the catastrophe and the rest of the day with only a little bit of chocolate on it.  (May I  remind you that while wearing white, all one has to do is think the word chocolate and it somehow appears on the once unblemished garment.  Personally, I think about chocolate a lot.) 

What item in your closet scares you?

Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Fashionable Mental Escape

As much as I love to blog, sometimes life just catches up and leaves no time for it, such has been the case this summer so far.  At work, a co-worker quit and another is on maternity leave.  At home, I'm planning my wedding and spending a crazy amount of money at the dentist both of which have cut into my clothing budget in a big way.  Not to mention catching a virus and having no voice (I won't even bring up the cold sore...STRESS!)  So what's a girl to do?  Alterations apparently.  At least that's what I seem to be doing in what little spare time I have.

Earlier this year I pulled out all of things out of my closet that I haven't worn or have worn only once due to the fact that they need altering.  Now that I've gotten through some of them it's like an entirely new wardrobe! (Recognize some?  A few have already made their way to a post.)   Anyway, I think these projects are my way of escaping or perhaps it's because I can see progress quickly...or maybe I just want something new to wear.

The crop top in front, (just a shirt I was getting rid of,)  is an experiment, I'm not sure I want to take it back to the 80's.  And so far the experiment is a failure...I haven't had the nerve to wear it yet.  Maybe tomorrow? 

And no, the BF is not thrilled about the fact that the ironing board has been set up in the living room since the beginning of June, but hey, I wanted to elope.
(Wait, that makes me look like a poop...I'm not anti-wedding, I had just never thought about it!) 
Anyway, he's got a while before it's coming down, there's more waiting to be altered...