Friday, September 16, 2011

Hooray! Shoes!

Ok, I didn't mean to buy 2 pairs of shoes today but sometimes that's just what happens, and I say, go with it. The first pair that got in the car with me were these ankle booties from Target...

Great fit, short reasonable heel and neutral color! (I secretly also love how they blend into my kitchen counters too, feels sort of sneaky.) I was just running in to see what Missoni looked like- there was literally nothing there but a few kid's pieces, and feeling a little disappointed took a quick stroll down the shoe aisle and found these for $20. Shoes are the perfect cure for disappointment!

The second pair must have known I was in the wrong lane to turn into Torchy's and Linkwere waiting patiently for me at Savers....

Umm, yeah, not sure what I was thinking...lots of detail with the braiding on the wedge, the studs and whip stitch, not too mention that they appear to be some sort of red hairy material, all for $3.99! (And hardly worn.) On the up side, they fit well and are rather comfy, even if I have no idea what I'll be wearing with them, but I'm sort of determined to make them work.
**It must be noted that I was shopping with the person who taught me to thrift shop and they somehow have the ability to make you think something like these are practical or at least very fun.

It was a good day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Just Can't Wait For Cooler Weather

Well, for a few lovely days this last week, the weather had cooled down to below 100 degrees (and I wore a few of my never worn fall items but didn't take any pictures,) but now we're back up and over that mark...what a tease! Oh well. That being said, here's a mix of items that I normally wouldn't put together as some of the pieces I usually reserve for the cooler temperatures...

(Hmmm...this outfit was much better in person, some looks don't come out quite right on the camera...) I pull this together at the ridiculous hour of 5 AM one morning, at which time was somewhat cool and I'm certain that had too much influence on it.

The pants are lined which means by noon I was sweating but I love them anyway. The button detail at the bottom means I can change the look of them just enough to make them feel a bit more classic and versatile. And it's a little hard to see but I'm also wearing a knit vest over my top. (I'm crazy for knit vests for some reason, I have 3.) But the idea of anything knit or layered in 90% humidity is not so good. I shed it as soon as I got to my car, but to be fair, it was perfect for the overly air-conditioned grocery store on this day.

The beaded tank was a bargain! I think I got it for $30ish which I thought was a good deal for the details. But I admit that I don't wear it very often. I have it tucked in here but it's more of a tunic length and maybe it's just more of a going out/special occasion top. I hadn't really tried wearing it for a while but I do like it.

I guess I really am ready for cooler weather, there's so many things I can't wait to wear! What pieces are you dreaming of pulling out of your closet when the temperatures change?


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Would Not Kick This Out Of My Closet- Akris Wedding Tower Blouse

It would be an understatement to say that I lust for this beautiful Akris Wedding Tower blouse...

Link(Photos from
Not only do I have a thing for trees and love the deep moody autumnal colors but the details of the collar and the horizontal pleat at the ribs are beautifully constructed! (There is also a lovely shift dress that has more of the actual Wedding Tower on it.)

The photograph print itself, Wedding Tower on Mathildenhohe ...

is by Joseph Maria Olbrich, who was also the the architect of the actual building.
For the rest of the collection, Akris designer, Albert Kriemler, pulled most colors from this photograph. (The textures and modern shapes of his jackets amaze me!)


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Art Of Austin On Friday Night

I was going to blog about an art show that I went to on Friday evening and my friend Debbie Carroll was a part of, but sadly they didn't allow pictures and really what's a post about an art show if there's no art? Well, here are a few of Debbie's paintings that I pulled from her Etsy site, Debbie Carroll Designs ...

China Berries
I think she actually sold this was tiny, 8x10 but up close it was full of depth and personality...

Local Cacti
For me, the orange surrounding the prickly cactus some how really represents the current heat wave Texas is having...

Anyway, it was a great show at the Gallery Black Lagoon . If you're local check it out, it's called the Austin Series Part 3 and there's some fabulous photography and screen printing as well.