Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not Yet Stored in My Closet-Swapped Cardigan

Hooray! I got to wear my newly swapped cardi (originally from Market Publique) before it got too hot!

I woke up yesterday to early morning chills of about 40 degrees or so which is pretty cold for us in central Texas, and after mowing the yard (it was a necessity,) I really needed something to warm me up and coffee wasn't doing the trick. But the sweater did!
(Please excuse the lack of makeup and ponytail...yard work wears me out!)

The boots I'm wearing were also a great find!

I got them for $20! Long story short, they were returned to a store that no longer had them in stock! My size and my lucky day! I had been wanting a pair of flat boots for a while but hadn't really taken the time to look for them. And that's when all the good stuff finds you, right? When you're not really looking for it?

PS-Visit my other blog Alterations And Modifications to read about my latest fashion DIY

Monday, March 14, 2011

TxSC Clothing Swap

As I mentioned last post, I recently went to a clothing swap. For those of you who have never been to a swap, check out there's a great video about it. ( was also the organizer of the swap I attended.) Anyway, here's what I managed to snag...

Most items I grabbed happened to be white, not something I planned, but I like it all! I adore the anchor mini, which will be perfect with espadrilles to make me feel like I'm ready for a trip! The tunic beneath the skirt is so light weight and exactly what I'll need for the upcoming Texas summer, (or this coming's supposed to be around 90 already...) It's hard to see it from the picture but some of the flowers on it are metallic silver, so fun!

See, more white! These will probably be stored until next winter. I envision the basic black and white cardi as a closet classic and how can you say no to the vintagey style of the pull over behind it?

This one isn't white but it is a neutral nude tone. And very summer sexy! It's a flowy silk top with an almost open back except for the zipper that runs down it. I think it might be my favorite find!

The only colorful item in my bag was this oversized cardi and I am a little obsessed with it. Check out those gold buttons! I hope I can get one wear in before it gets too hot!

Some of the items I grabbed had little tags on them like the one above with the names and blogs of the people who had previously loved them, so you could tag them...such a great idea!
Anchor skirt...Hannah from A Quiet Style
White cardi w/black trim...Lacy from Electric Elmo
Nude silk top...Katy from Kansas Couture
Colorful cardi...Market Publique

And last but not least, the winner of the warrior ring is #2 AH from the blog Confessions of an Anonymous Shopaholic! Hooray AH! (Leave me your email so I can send it to you!)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Texas Style Council Conference Weekend

This weekend I attended the Texas Style Council Conference, which was put together by 2 local fashion bloggers, Indiana of Adored Austin and Grechen from Grechen's Closet. It was a great chance to meet (mostly) Texas fashion bloggers and have the opportunity to discuss/listen to panels about being a blogger, what makes this type of media so relevant today and how to improve. It was an amazing time!

The Sunday conference opened with key note speaker Jennine Jacobs of IFB

who's topic was "The Past, Present & the Future of Fashion Blogging," which was so inspiring and really hit upon finding personal fulfillment. She was the perfect candidate to start the day!

Kelly Framel, a.k.a. The Glamourai, is also from Texas and she sat in on the the panel about blogging as a career.

There were great topics like "Going Pro" and a few sessions on photography basics. And that was just the Sunday conference!!!

Friday evening they held a swap not just for those attending but the public as well and there were so many goodies to grab from...

I'll post what I ended up taking home very soon! (Believe it or not, I took home less than I brought, I'm trying to clear some of the clutter from my closet!)
On Saturday there was a scavenger hunt, a DIY using your broken jewelry and a party/dance at the end of the night plus more events on Sunday evening.

The whole weekend was inspiring and incredible and I can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Additions To My Closet- New Shoes

Yup, it's new shoe season! I bought 2 pair, one is fun, and one is more classic, and I'm stopping least for now.

This fun pair I happened upon while out with Grechen and Sydney, (I hope I spelled your name right!)

They might be a little big but they are so comfortable! Since they were originally marked $149 then reduced to $37 plus tax, I couldn't go wrong! They'll be perfect with a wide legged jean this spring!

The other more classic style is a pair from Aldo...

I had been hunting for a more traditional pair of platform style pumps since October and was even prepared to spend a little more on a certain designer pair, but believe it or not, having a small foot makes it hard to shop for shoes. Since the recession hit stores have cut back on inventory and either carry only one pair of size 5 or none at may have heard me rant about this before. (If I'm going to invest they need to fit!)
Anyway, after finally deciding on black (vs. nude) I decided to just break down and buy something and that something happened to be these. Instead of being encased by the shoe, the open sides make for a longer leg line, (which is something I'll never stop dreaming of.) They seem comfortable so far but they have yet to have a true 8 hour day in them. You have to break them in somehow, right?

What are you planning on buying for spring?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Alteration In My Closet

It looks innocent enough on the hanger...

But this skirt really wasn't me. Yet, like many things, it had been hanging in my closet for far too long. (Years.) I liked the look of the fabric and it had good lines, but it was the length that was just not good for me!

So, 7 cut off inches later I have this...

Much better! Casual with a tee and boots like above or oxfords and a striped blouse with pearls to go's a basic yet versatile skirt in terms of when and where I can wear it. And I love that!

Which brings me to my next topic. In case you haven't noticed, I have a serious case of alterations. When I get bored with something, if I leave it hanging around long enough, eventually it falls victim to my sewing machine, (or a can of paint or electric drill...) and I've decided to chronicle these DIY adventures in my second blog Alterations and Modifications.
I just put up my first post in conjunction with this skirt. Come and indulge me in my addiction of half finished projects. Maybe I'll actually get them done. Thanks.

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