Friday, July 31, 2009

Making It My Own -The Stained Glass Dress

I've had this Donna Morgan dress for a few years and I love the pattern. It reminds me of stained glass and has pockets which always up the value in my opinion.

(Close up of the pattern.)

The length, however, was always just a little too long on me and which made it a tad frumpy on a person my size.

Sewing Project!

Of course it's one of those things that get put on the back burner for a while, but here I am, healing from some dental work both physically and pocketbook wise, so now I have plenty of time to do it.

This was not an easy fix! The skirt is a circle and hemming on a curve takes a bit of patience. But I like working with fabric, and it can be molded into just the right shape if you give it a little time.

This is the scariest part! I had to hem it about 8 inches, and it's always nerve wracking when you get to the cutting.

It also has an attached slip that gives it volume but is equally a pain to hem.

The finished product makes it worth the while! What does it look like? You'll have to wait and see...I tried it on with several pairs of shoes and each pair gave it a different look from party to Maria Von Trapp. (Sound of Music for those who don't know...)


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Found In My Closet: Black Crinkle Jacket

This is pair #2 that I purchased while I was sick. I love the taupe color but I'm never really sure if it's gray or tan. However, that also means that they can go with tons of things in my closet.

I've been into neutrals for a while even though someone told me this color combo reminded him of desert storm. But the heels turned out to be a natural choice for the gray jeans and nude tank.

I always need something to keep me warm at dinner and usually just grab the easy cardigan. After digging a little deeper in my closet, I found this crazy crinkle jacket and decided that the texture was just what the outfit needed. I can't believe it was even in there as it's not something I would even try on but it really turned out to be right tonight.

This was also the 1st public wearing of the giant gold 80's choker. I love this piece! Somehow vintage yet still modern.


Friday, July 17, 2009

The Schitzophrenic Sandal Boot - Footwear with multiple personalities

Rough and sick week! So I bought 2 pairs of shoes to help me feel better, which they do. (Before the official dental bill.) The best part about them is that they were bargains. This is one of the pairs.

I admit the idea of the "boot sandal" is sort or weird but I went back 3 times because I couldn't get them out of my mind and they were on the clearance rack the last time I had gone back. So I finally bought them.

The skirt is really a dress that I like alot but it's very sweet and needs to toughen up! I paired it with this draped neck tank from Express that I seem to be living in lately and the sandal/boot.

The question is, should I go back for the brown pair?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Out and About and What I Wore

Happy Monday! I've just been informed that due to dental bills, I'll probably not be getting my dream fall/winter wardrobe. Well, not that I'd be getting it anyway, but I'm certainly farther away at this point. Oh well. I'll just have to make do with what I have.
Maybe I need to be more creative with my makeup...tonight I practiced lining the inside rim of my upper eyelid. I have never been able to do this to my own eye, it tickles way too much and freaks me out! Anyone have any tricks for this? I did it, it just took me a long time. The results on it's own makes my lashes look fuller which is always a good thing.

Out and about tonight. I like this little babydoll top and the contradiction of the boots and jeans with it. A little less sweet. But I don't really wear it that often and it's a little shapeless. I've been wondering if I need to send it on to a second life at Goodwill. Any thoughts?


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sick Saturday and What I Wore

Oh the joy of germs! I have a sore throat today and I'm pretty certain it's the cold that's going around at work. Of course I'm feeling it on my day off, it makes me crabby! But I still got my haircut and was able to check out a few summer sales going on. I scored 2 jersey dresses for around $15 at Express and a pretty top from Zara. More on those later...

I think I've had this skirt for about 8 years and it's actually a bit long so I have to pull it up about 6 inches. I love the embroidered dragon on it!

I like the belt with this out fit as well but it gets a little warm in this weather. It's huge though and I'll probably get more wear out of it this fall.

I'm off to nurse my sore throat.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Urban Decay Acid Rain Eyeshadow and How to Wear It

I have a new favorite eyeshadow, Urban Decay's "Acid Rain."

(Pic from

When applied dry, it's a soft green/gold but when applied wet it becomes more vibrant, sort of chartreuse like this...

It really pulls the green out of my hazel eyes, but it's a little funky and you need to be a little brave to pull it off. Do not go over the top with bright lips, clear gloss is enough which should most always be the rule when wearing a bold eye. (The only exception would be a smoky eye with red lips...ever!)

Fun bright eye colors are huge this summer! Don't be scared!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Movies and What I Wore

Happy 4th! It was a day that I was able to free myself from a pile of alterations and ironing, both of which I really don't mind doing, but never seem to really get around to. However, today I got through a rather large chunk of this pile and was still able to enjoy a movie this evening.

I love going to the movies but I always freeze! Tonight was no exception but tonight, for once, I was ready for it. I've had this jacket for a little while and was not quite sure how to wear it...

It's a little "tattooed" for me, but I still like it. Then I realized that it would be really cute with my new shoes...!

I kept the rest simple with a black top and grey skinny jeans.

And I'm sure people thought I was crazy for wearing a jacket in the middle of a Texas summer, but at least I was comfortable!

And I recommend the movie "Hangover." Probably one of the best summer comedies out right now. At least it all beats mosquito bites.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vintage Floral Broaches

It's been crazy these last few weeks for me and I've finally gotten the chance to post again! Hooray!

The following pics are of some more vintage broaches that has been passed my way...enjoy!

This one has clear plastic petals that are covered with some other blue plastic color that is starting to peel off, but it's super unusual and I promise to be very careful with it!

It appears that this is a floral theme...

This one might be my favorite but it's made of metal and very heavy so it can't really be worn on anything delicate. It goes well with my turquoise does just about everything I wear these days...