Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Is Over, Back To Work

Every year the holiday stress gets to me and this year was no exception! From babysitting my sick nephew to a broken water heater and holiday dance recital, well, I guess these are the things that keep life interesting. (Insert sarcasm here.) Anyway, I did have some lovely holidays and here are a few photos for sharing...

Mmmmm! My favorite part of the holidays! All the sweets!

And beverages! Pomegranite and champagne!

Santa left me some goodies in a Christian LaCriox stocking this year.

Coconut cake is a Christmas tradition in my boyfriend's family. Thankfully we got to take home some leftovers!

I hope everyone had a great holiday!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Additions to my Closet- Blogger Clothing Swap

Love love love a good old fashioned clothing swap! Not only is it an opportunity to clean out my closet but it's also a chance to add something new (new to me anyway,) without having to pay for it! Anyway, here are a few of the items I scored...

I told myself that I really needed to get more pattern into my life and this adorable strapless dress will certainly do the trick. It's fitted through the waist and gets fuller on the bottom and I may have to hem it a few inches but other than that it's a perfect fit! Normally I would save a print like this for summer, but I'm dieing to wear it now. Being in Texas, you never know when that random 80 degree day will show up in November...

So, I probably don't need another small bag but this Loeffler Randall for Target clutch was so pretty! It was the first item I grabbed and the previous owner had never used it! I'm crazy for the woven texture and gold lining!

This is actually a cute! It had not been grabbed at the end of the swap and I was convinced by my friend Andrea, the swap host and the romper's last owner, that I should take it. This is again a bit out of my style range but I couldn't resist! I'm thinking of pairing it up with tights, a cardigan and maybe some cute flats to make it winter worthy.

I got a few more items but had to remind myself that I really didn't have room in my closet to replace all the items I'd gotten rid of!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Mixing it up in my Closet-Television Inspiration

This morning I watched and became obsessed with the show, Man Shops Globe on the Sundance channel. It chronicles Keith Johnson as he hunts the world for incredible, one of a kind home decor...can you say dream job?!? Anyway, one episode follows him through Turkey where he finds a textile designer/seamstress who creates, by mixing and matching antique rugs and other textured fabrics, the most beautiful pillows for him...

(Photo from
The results were incredible!!! It also had me wanting to do a little mixing and matching myself. So after a little digging, I unearthed 2 pieces I rarely wear out of my closet. The first was a dress with the most lovely sort of leafy Greek pattern in silver and black...

I actually love this dress but worn by itself, it really comes across as more of a party dress due to the shine of the fabric and slight bubble hem. The second item was a top that someone once had called a "popcorn" shirt because of the texture...

I have never worn this shirt! It too has a shiny sheen and I have never been successful in pairing it with anything. In fact, I have probably put it in and pulled it out of the Goodwill pile at least three times!

But with the dress (as a skirt,) it pulled off the textural, eclectic look that I had been going for. The suede of the boots toned down the shine and kept me warm. (It has finally been cool enough to pull them out.)

My look wasn't near as colorful as the amazing kilim rugs on the show, but the mix was certainly on par...minus the goat hair he was intent on using...although I did consider an ostrich feather necklace... (With an up do, it's still not out of the question.)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In My Closet-New Boots and a Memorable Shirt

I love a bargain! Especially when it comes in the form of footwear like these boots...

Talk about being at the right place at the right time! I found these little darlings for $10 at a local shop that was going out of business and I happened to be there on the very last day they were open. (Not that I was happy to see a boutique close, but it was because the owner was retiring, not due to the economy.) Soft cognac suede and military detail, how could I go wrong?

Normally I pair them with denim and usually a tee, and they look great with my thrifted olive shirt dress, but I wanted to dress them up without going with the full on military trend.

So I pulled out a shirt that I rarely wear. It's way more pattern than I usually cover myself in, but I always get tons of compliments on it. Hmm...maybe I don't wear it often because it seems as though it's so "memorable." As in "Oh, she's wearing that shirt...again..."

Anyway, it is really pretty and has great beading on it as well...

(Close up of the beading.)
Not that I don't want to be "memorable." I mean, who doesn't?

But now that I think about it, who hasn't purchased that special dress for a friend's wedding and then a few months later contemplate wearing it to another friend's wedding (or other special occasion,) but don't because you don't want to be caught in the same I the only one who thinks this way?
All this being said, it's not as if it doesn't ever get worn again, especially if your boyfriend is like mine...I could add a belt to a shirt and jeans (or said dress) that I've worn a million times and he'll ask me where/when I got that new outfit...

Friday, October 22, 2010

Forgotten In My Closet

I swear my closet is a treasure trove of surprises! As I was cleaning it out and doing the mandatory summer to winter swap, I came across this top that I had purchased this past summer at a 50% off sale...

I got it for something like $22 - or was it $12? Either way it was a bargain. While the oversized style isn't something I usually go for, the not quite olive color, super soft fabric and details made me fall for it. I had only worn it once and then it disappeared into the depths of that all too small space of a wardrobe.

(Back view.) I love the rusching down the back, it sort of becomes skeletal. To top it all off, it's so comfortable which, after a few weeks of crazy allergies, is exactly what I've been needing.

So what amazing finds have you lost and refound in your closet?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Preparations

Hooray! Autumn is here! And along with cooler weather comes preparations for that all time favorite holiday, Halloween. So a Saturday of crafts with the family it was...

Anything that can potentially create a fun mess was pulled from the art box, paint, glue, fabric, glitter, you name it, we had it. (And thankfully it was not at my house...)

Who says a pumpkin has to be orange?

We made plenty of ghosts to hang from the trees...

My nephew's idea of a scary pumpkin. You can never have too many google eyes!

What Halloween preparations are you making?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Closet Double Debut

I let my inner child talk me into a strawberry waffle today...

(Gratuitous food shot.) Oh local Pancake House, you make me wonder why I ever skip breakfast!

Anyway, this is sort of a double debut. I purchased this dress in June and posted it then, but have since shortened it. (Now that I look at the pictures, I'm wondering if I need to shorten the sleeves as well.) Since the weather is finally cooling down, today was the perfect day to finally wear it. I picture it with tights but it's still a little to warm for them...

I love the length now and I predict it will be on heavy rotation this winter. (Notice different background finally!)

Also making their first showing are these boots from Urban Outfitters...

I purchased them online last month but they are too big and I've been debating about whether or not to return them. The problem is, I have a really small foot (I ordered the smallest size,) and I really like them! But after playing around with various sock thickness I decided that they work too well with my closet, are very comfortable and I'd be back to hunting for a new pair of boots. So they're staying.

I've been shopping for autumn since June and I love that I can finally wear the things I've stashed a squirrel...hiding nuts...hmmm...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Closet Color Obsession-Olive

Finally back. No excuses, except for being busy. Enough said.

Lately it seems I've been purchasing everything and anything in the shade of olive. Well, really for the past three months. Yes, it might be a problem. I've always really liked the hue. I can even remember a pair of pants that I wore non-stop my 6th grade summer...I still wish I had them! But I'm sure they wouldn't fit now and these trousers certainly fit the bill...

Although they do require a bit of starch and ironing, the cotton fabric has been perfect for the humid summer months.

During a season of skinny pants the loose, wide leg is very comfortable, and a little unexpected. I didn't hem these as I would normally do, but instead cuffed them to keep them a little more casual and work they surprisingly well with many of my shoes, from heels to a sandal.

(I look like a deer in headlights! And this picture makes me think about getting a hair cut...)
I dressed them up a little with this cream cropped cardigan and pearl bracelets. The cardigan looks like it has roses at the shoulders but they're more like epaulets, making it more modern than romantic.

There's more olive to come...a dress, cargo pants, jacket, a sweater...I can't stop myself! Do you ever find yourself color obsessed? What shade dominates your closet?


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Prep Factor in My Closet -New Buttons

I purchased this velvet blazer 2-3 years ago from Old Navy. Which means I didn't spend a lot on it because velvet in Texas is really hot and I wasn't sure how often I'd wear it so I didn't want to make a huge investment.

As it turns out, I love the cropped style, and it fits me quite well. I didn't wear it much last year but velvet seems to be making a come back for fall and I since I no longer have a dirty job (like last winter,) I think I'll get more use out of it. Except....

I hate the buttons! Some of the little gems have fallen out and I sort of think they make the jacket look cheap anyway.

So on to Joanne's. They had so many great buttons that I had a hard time making up my mind! I was torn between going in an 80's direction (think big, gold and Dynasty,) or upping the prep factor...

Prep factor won! And so did I! For under $10 and 30 minutes, I have a new velvet jacket that I can't wait to wear!

I'm thinking skinny jeans, something in a stripe for the top, boots and fingerless gloves...I can't wait to wear it!

Blurry button close up.

Now, if only it didn't happen to be 100+ outside...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homework-New Chandelier

Those of you who have followed me for a little while know that not only do I love fashion, but I also am a bit obsessed with home decor as well. When I rented, I used to rearrange my furniture at least once a month and was also constantly painting things like bookshelves or sewing something like pillows and curtains. Creating my own custom living space out of a cookie cutter apartment or old house was very important too me.

Now that I'm no longer renting, this has become even more important. The house I live in now has been a work in progress in some way or another since moving in 4 years ago. The carpet has been pulled up, the powder room completely renovated, tons of painting and more. Last year the kitchen was remodeled and while I am in love with the outcome, the process was really not so much fun. So instead of becoming overwhelmed with more big projects, I've stuck to some easier things, such as reupholstering kitchen chairs, as seen here, replacing brass door knobs with silver and adding new/more shelves in my closets. My latest labor of love was installing a new chandelier in my dining room. Sadly, it's been on my to do list for a year and I just really never got around to it until this weekend. But I am thrilled with how it looks and thought I'd share it with you...

So this is what has been hanging in the dining room since we moved in and probably since the house was built in the 80's. It's much uglier in person. I was a little surprised that it wasn't upgraded when it went on the market for selling reasons but the house was previously owned by a bachelor who clearly wasn't so concerned with it. (Nor was he concerned about the carpeted bathroom...gross.)

Here's what it was replaced with. I can usually do something like this within an hour or so but the directions had NO WORDS! Just pictures. It didn't even label the pieces, so it became a guessing game as to how to attach everything and it took me a good part of the morning. Oh well.
Originally I thought I wanted a pendant light but this works out so much better because I think a pendant would have blocked the art on the wall...

This is just one of the many paintings my bf did. I had this one framed for him as a gift and we originally had it hanging in the living room but we recently acquired some new art and sort of did a complete flip of everything. I was surprised that it looks as lovely as it does on it's new blue wall, it's actually better than it's previous home.

This is how my dining room looks now. Well, from this angle anyway. (I now have a deep appreciation for those who photograph rooms for a was hard!) The rug used to be in the same room as the painting but it just made much more sense to pull it into the dining room as well. To the left there is a counter/bar that you can see into the kitchen from and to the right are the sliding glass doors that lead to the porch and backyard.

The doors let in tons of beautiful light but it's also on the list of things that need to be replaced...which will sort of be a big project and it's out of my expertise. As is replacing the porch and landscaping the backyard...All on the to do list!

Ok, now I'm off to donate the old chandelier...I'm certain there's a bachelor out there who'd just love this in his home! (Not only do I shop at Goodwill but I also donate to them as well. It's a give/take relationship.)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Thrift Finds- My Favorite Fall Trends

First let me say, I feel like a bad blogger...not only have I lacked in posting this summer but I've missed out on reading up on all my favorites in the blog-o-sphere. So I'm sorry for not being more up to date with everyone, and I know that this summer has been busy for everyone. I really just have to make better use of my time...the heat makes me so lazy!!! Onwards...

What I have been doing this summer is a lot of thrift shopping. Yes, the economy has gotten to me, as it has everyone, so I have been trying to really hard to buy things that I'll wear, not just because it's inexpensive. So, with the fall season approaching, I tried to keep some of the up-coming trends in mind and it's clear that camel and red was the direction I had in mind this past weekend...

Clockwise from the top...
1) Huge grey tote. I'm planning on using this and only this for my getaway this weekend. (Wish me luck!) Pajamas, a few shorts and tees, minimal makeup and one or two pairs of shoes and I should be set! A short family visit and relaxation, I can't tell you how much I need this and I'm so looking forward to it!

2) Simple red heels. A much needed work staple for fall.

3) Martin and Osa top. It's a little sheer but it has a sort of thermal texture to it, perfect for layering with a cardigan and jeans.

4) My find of the day...Ferragamo flats! ($10!!!) They have never been worn and they're my size! I even had to peel off the Neiman Marcus sticker. Thank you thrift Gods!

5) Gap silk, pleated skirt. I've already altered this and it was not an easy job. I plan on wearing it with the Ferragamo flats, a camel top and gold jewelry, but now that I'm looking at it, I could easily pair it with some tall black boots. Hmmm, maybe to work tomorrow...

Close up of the flats. They make me very, very happy!

The heat has only just hit Texas (100+ degrees the past few days!) and I'm dreaming of fall. What trends are you looking forward to this next season?


Friday, July 30, 2010

Closet Favorite- Red Alligator Clutch

This clutch once belonged to a very chic lady...

And now it's in my closet! The picture is a little deceiving, it's actually a really great size, about 14 inches, has 4 separate pockets and can hold so much! (There's also a detachable strap, but I prefer it without it.) The lining and zipper toggle say Louis-Cardy, which, from as far as I can tell, is a wholesale company out of Hong Kong(?) and I'm certain it's not vintage, but I love's my current favorite!

The raised alligator head is maybe a little creepy for some people (it's not real) but that's sort of what gives it intrigue.

Anything in your closet that might scare a few people?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Closet Schizophrenia

I was having a conversation with my boyfriend about the "outer" and "inner" personalities we all have. You know, the outer you, the you who wants to be liked and be perceived as an open, happy, dependable person, who you want your boss and coworkers to think you are, and the inner you, who you really are inside and what you're really thinking with deep, dark mysterious dreams that could only be shared within the pages of a black leather journal. Yeah, manic, I know, sort of "Catcher In The Rye."

What does all this have to do with my closet?
At one time I would have said that I don't have a specific or defined style point of view, (weirdly enough, this topic came up again on Friday night while I was out with some fellow bloggers,) when in reality it maybe closer to the truth to say that my closet has multiple personas. Looking back at some recent past posts, I have, with a few exceptions, mainly focused more on what the inner me chooses to wear, darker muted colors, very little pattern...( Inner me thinking, hmm, ever since I went back to work...)

So, let me focus on the outward side... First let me say, I deal with the general public and to be perceived as my above definition of the outer personality is important to success in my line of work. And I'm not always deep and dark (which can be easily construed as moody.) So these are items that I'd wear to work because they're practical for the job I'm doing, a uniform of friendliness to the outside world, because along with a smile, (right now the inner me is sort of gagging,) it's what I should be wearing...

Bright friendly colors and prints, making whatever task at hand seem that much more fun. When it comes to dressing like this, I almost feel like more is better, pick out the most over the top patterns and colors, just go all the way with it! (Although I do have a few pieces that can cross over into either side.) To be honest, a look like this makes me feel more out going and vibrant, versus the inner me who would prefer to seem mysterious and untouchable. (The red pants also make me feel very brave!)

(Close up of details, what I'm wearing, BCBG thrifted red pants, vintage bracelet, Anthropologie top, Elie Tahari shoes.)

I guess, for the most part, I prefer the inner personality of my closet. To me it's much more clean and modern yet insightful. But it's sometimes nice to step out of my usual box and on days when I need a bit of a pick me up, I know exactly which items I'll be pulling on.

So to say that I don't have a stylistic point of view is wrong, I actually have many (or at least two,) that depend on where I'm going, and what I'll be doing.

So what about you? What moods does your closet convey about your inner and outer personalities?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Closet Inspiration- When 2 Hang Side By Side

The overall patchwork style of the fabric is really not me, and the length of mid calf does not work with my proportions (dumpy,) yet I'm oddly attracted to it this Alberto Makali skirt...

It's hard to tell from the photo, but it has a little bit of hand beading around the flowers and thicker yarn woven in and out of the fabric...

(Close up of the fabric...)
Anyway, I had it hanging next to this Forever 21 jacket (which I seem to be wearing a lot lately,) and decided that I liked the 2 of them together. But the thought of chopping the skirt into a more suitable length, (which I would normally do,) killed me because it would just ruin all the hand sewn details. So it became a strapless dress...

Much better, yes?
Now, you might ask, "Don't you think it was actually supposed to be a dress?"

The answer is no, it doesn't hang quite right to be a dress, there's extra fabric in the weirdest places is hidden by the jacket. But the two together = closet magic for me!

Friday, July 9, 2010

First Time Out Of The Closet - Thrifted Shirt Dress

After playing (and struggling) with technology, my blog has a new look! I needed a change. (Now I'm ok with my white photo backgrounds, but eventually I'll need to get creative with that as well.)

And on with the post...
So I had the opportunity to wear my recently thrifted shirt dress to work....

The fabric is a heavier cotton and I thought that maybe it would be too heavy for Texas summer, but I was proved wrong. On the day I wore it, we were getting rain from the hurricane and the humidity forced the air conditioners into full force. I could have used some leggings or tights and an additional shirt layered underneath!

I did try it with socks after I got home, but it just didn't do it for me...

But these sandals sure worked for me! They were a Christmas gift 2 years ago. (Or at least I got a gift certificate to purchase them.) As much as I love them, however, I don't wear them that much. So this was the perfect opportunity! They had just enough red for me to bring out this old DKNY clutch, which sort of looks like a giant coin purse.

In case you were wondering what that weird glowing thing was around my neck, I also wore the Lucite necklace I picked up a few months ago.

Shirt dress success! I think the dress will be in heavy rotation this fall...tights, boots...STOP! Seriously, it's to soon to be talking about fall!