Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hunt. Gather. Style. Pop Up Shop

Finally, a day off to do what I want to do! Well, mostly what I want to do. After a few hours of yard work, I was able to head over to the Hunt Gather Style pop up shop. I wish I had taken pictures, but left the camera at home.
Basically, Grechen, Sydney, and Sharon, 3 Austin bloggers, all with incredible style and taste, got together, cleaned their closets and hunted down some beautiful vintage pieces and sold them at the pop up shop. The selection was amazing , and the prices were great!

On my way to the shop, I started my mental checklist of what I really wanted to look for and I was thrilled to actually find some pieces! First on my list was a blouse, specifically something in gold. I was not disappointed...

It's a little oversized but I kind of like it that way. I've already pair it with 4 different bottoms and I'm completely in love! This will be a closet staple for life! Hunt Gather Style had quite a selection to choose from and now I can't wait for the next pop up shop because I want more!

I'm always looking for a good day dress and fell for this one...

I've been noticing a celestial trend lately and even though the pattern isn't exactly stars and moons, it sort of fits the trend and will make a great piece for layering this winter. It will require a bit of altering but the potential is high!

And speaking of potential, I love how the tags recommended wearing each item in different ways...


I hope everyone had a lovely Saturday!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

My boyfriend helped me get dressed today...

It's not something that happens often at all. I sometimes ask his opinion on shoes and that's about it, (and usually it's met with a "those are fine," mediocre comment,) but today I was of questions, and he was full of answers.
I had the basics picked out, the pants and vest were going to be worn, but belted or unbelted? White or green tee? So when it came down to the shoes, turquoise platforms or greenish boots, he told me the green of the boots and shirt allow the vest thing be the point of interest.
(Where did this come from???)
Anyway, here's what I ended up wearing....

Not bad. Maybe I'll consider consulting him more often...

Do you ask anyone's opinion? Do you ever need help?