Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Closet Double Debut

I let my inner child talk me into a strawberry waffle today...

(Gratuitous food shot.) Oh local Pancake House, you make me wonder why I ever skip breakfast!

Anyway, this is sort of a double debut. I purchased this dress in June and posted it then, but have since shortened it. (Now that I look at the pictures, I'm wondering if I need to shorten the sleeves as well.) Since the weather is finally cooling down, today was the perfect day to finally wear it. I picture it with tights but it's still a little to warm for them...

I love the length now and I predict it will be on heavy rotation this winter. (Notice different background finally!)

Also making their first showing are these boots from Urban Outfitters...

I purchased them online last month but they are too big and I've been debating about whether or not to return them. The problem is, I have a really small foot (I ordered the smallest size,) and I really like them! But after playing around with various sock thickness I decided that they work too well with my closet, are very comfortable and I'd be back to hunting for a new pair of boots. So they're staying.

I've been shopping for autumn since June and I love that I can finally wear the things I've stashed a squirrel...hiding nuts...hmmm...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Closet Color Obsession-Olive

Finally back. No excuses, except for being busy. Enough said.

Lately it seems I've been purchasing everything and anything in the shade of olive. Well, really for the past three months. Yes, it might be a problem. I've always really liked the hue. I can even remember a pair of pants that I wore non-stop my 6th grade summer...I still wish I had them! But I'm sure they wouldn't fit now and these trousers certainly fit the bill...

Although they do require a bit of starch and ironing, the cotton fabric has been perfect for the humid summer months.

During a season of skinny pants the loose, wide leg is very comfortable, and a little unexpected. I didn't hem these as I would normally do, but instead cuffed them to keep them a little more casual and work they surprisingly well with many of my shoes, from heels to a sandal.

(I look like a deer in headlights! And this picture makes me think about getting a hair cut...)
I dressed them up a little with this cream cropped cardigan and pearl bracelets. The cardigan looks like it has roses at the shoulders but they're more like epaulets, making it more modern than romantic.

There's more olive to come...a dress, cargo pants, jacket, a sweater...I can't stop myself! Do you ever find yourself color obsessed? What shade dominates your closet?