Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fresh Out Of The Closet - 2b. Rych Dress

I received this 2b. Rych dress for Xmas and yesterday was the first time I wore it...

The pattern is a great addition to my closet but I had a little bit of a struggle styling it.  I must have tried on about 4 belts and who knows how many shoes and necklaces before I settled on this look.

  It's hard to see it from the pictures but the the fabric folds over itself, sort of like a robe.  This almost caused a free show for some diners enjoying their lunch outside yesterday...thinking I might tack that down a little bit...


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Making Shapes In My Closet

I've just spent my morning obsessing over the silhouettes of Rick Owens'


(photo via)
All of them, not just current seasons.  It made me realize how much I love shapes...sounds elementary, I know, but it co-relates it my background in dance.

(Photo via)
Weirdly enough, I could spend hours contorting my body in the mirror, and studying the movements between each pose...anyway, inspired by Mr. Owens, I pulled out this sweater that I don't think I've worn for at least 2 years...

This Twinkle by Wenlan sweater reminds me of a spiderweb with it's loose knit but I also love the shape, with it's big cowl neck and dolman sleeves (although I realize that sometimes the details get lost in the black.  I'm ok with that.)

Worn with JBrand high waisted jeans and Wild Diva boots.

How does fashion influence other areas of your life?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's Worth The Closet Space - Fei Skirt

Not shopping has forced me to become more creative than ever in my closet.  Like pattern mixing.  For example, take this Fei skirt that I have loved forever...

I first spied it at one of my favorite stores and ended up getting it at a clothing swap.  It's graphic pattern and modern, almost origami like folds give a basic pencil skirt an uplift.  Yet it hangs, hardly worn.  I have had a hard time figuring out what to wear with it besides a black turtle neck, (or tee or tank.)  Maybe it's too unique.  I've tried a variety of colors and shapes in tops but it's been difficult to find something that really suits the feel of the skirt.  Until yesterday...

This silk Lil blouse happens to be a closet fave!  (I have a "thing" for oversized or voluminous tops...I might just be compensating for my own personal lack of volume on top.)  Anyway, this top once again proved to be the magic that this skirt needed.  Which also makes me feel better about keeping the was on the possible Goodwill list.

What item in your closet works with everything?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Closet Repurpose

In what I admit was only a half -hearted attempt to organize and clear out some of my jewlery, I came across these elastic band bracelets from who knows when...

and they were immediately pitched into the Goodwill pile.
Few days later I used them as hair "bling"...  

Done.  Easy.  Repurposed.  (And I'll do it again.)