Friday, June 19, 2009

Triumph Cafe and What I Wore

I wish this was the view from my bedroom window, but it's not. It's the back porch of Triumph Cafe, which is where I had dinner tonight. The fried rice is pretty amazing as is most of their food.

It was also very hot and very hot means a dress. This one is super light weight and floaty, great for the 90+ degrees. Once again,I'm wearing the shoes. It's hard to make my legs look like there's any length to them, but these do the trick. And how is it that aqua could go with so much in my wardrobe?

I spend my work days in jeans so even though Triumph isn't the fanciest of eateries, I always feel like wearing a dress makes me enjoy it just a little bit more. Fashion Psychology, anyone?


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gold 80's Jewelry

While going through a magazine I was inspired by a gold jewelry pictorial and decided to pull out some beautiful pieces from the 80's that I had recently received.

This one fits more like a choker than you'd think, but I'm a little partial to chokers....

This one is heavy duty! Definitely a bold piece!

I love this one! It has crystals between gold beads and comes off very glam. I can't wait to wear it. Actually, I can't wait to wear any of them. Soon my little pretties, soon!


Monday, June 15, 2009

Hot Weather and What I Wore

What can I say?

The last few days have been hovering around 100 degrees and any amount of expended energy requires a nap!

I'm beginning to wear these turquoise wedges with everything and they work nicely with this Alberto Makali dress as well...this is the first wearing of this dress which I think I would normally wear to a festival of some sort but it worked equally well for a glass of wine on my back porch.

Cargo Shorts and How I Wore Them

It was a daring move for me, but I bought a pair of cargo shorts.

I say daring because A) I have very white legs, and B) I typically think of cargo shorts as comfy but a bit sloppy. However, I was in the mood for something different and tired of wearing jeans in the Texas heat. The question is how can they be worn without looking like I'm on my way to Margaritaville? (Not that Margaritaville is a bad place to be...) Sorry flip flops and over-sized "Keep Austin Weird" t-shirt, but you're out of here. I want something that can take me from errands to cocktail hour and maybe even dinner if the occasion arises.

So after browsing shoes online as I often do, I was inspired by my favorite sandal and wondered if I could make them work together...

I love these shoes but rarely have a chance to wear them so any excuse to pull them out instantly makes me happy! But I may be able to pull them out more often if these shorts become part of my regular rotation...

Not such a good photo of the sandals, but I like the overall look and I did go to happy hour wearing it.

Now to work on the white leg problem.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Pedicures and Shoe Shopping

It was either the last weekend of spring or the first weekend of summer but it doesn't matter because it was a lovely one regardless. It was a weekend made for pedicures, swimming and shoe shopping.

My sister was my date for mani's and pedi's on Saturday and as we were leaving, a delightful pair of something caught her eye in the DSW window, so Sunday we investigated the inventory and she found these:

As usual, I found several pairs of love, but I held back. But there was a funky pair of grey slouchy boots that might be calling my name. I'll have to sleep on it.