Monday, June 15, 2009

Cargo Shorts and How I Wore Them

It was a daring move for me, but I bought a pair of cargo shorts.

I say daring because A) I have very white legs, and B) I typically think of cargo shorts as comfy but a bit sloppy. However, I was in the mood for something different and tired of wearing jeans in the Texas heat. The question is how can they be worn without looking like I'm on my way to Margaritaville? (Not that Margaritaville is a bad place to be...) Sorry flip flops and over-sized "Keep Austin Weird" t-shirt, but you're out of here. I want something that can take me from errands to cocktail hour and maybe even dinner if the occasion arises.

So after browsing shoes online as I often do, I was inspired by my favorite sandal and wondered if I could make them work together...

I love these shoes but rarely have a chance to wear them so any excuse to pull them out instantly makes me happy! But I may be able to pull them out more often if these shorts become part of my regular rotation...

Not such a good photo of the sandals, but I like the overall look and I did go to happy hour wearing it.

Now to work on the white leg problem.


1 comment:

jankin said...

CUTE!!! too bad i was blinded by the florescent light tubes you have for legs. just kidding. your white is my tan.