Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Dress from Plenty by Tracy Reese,

I have long admired you and it's been so long since I've last seen you, I'm overjoyed to find you once again!

Your incredibly soft touch sends me chills even during these dog days of summer! I don't care if you happen to be last season's dress, you still thrill me just the same.

Your pattern is perfect!

Small but not dainty, in purple and tan hues...I never thought you'd be mine!

I admit, your tricky little asymmetrical neckline had me fooled...

But I'm learning to love it very quickly!

You make me feel confident and smart and pretty...all the things a dress should make a girl feel!

With sincere love,


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful dress!! if you ever get sick of it, feel free to send it my way! :P

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

Wow what a unique dress! It looks amazing on you! You have an awesome figure. :)


janettaylor said...

Perfect bag!

bravegrrl said...

the neckline is gorgeous and compliments your new hair cut :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm not sure what I love more about this dress - the color/print or the aesthetic. You look incredible! :)

Meream said...

I am looking at the dress and figuring out how to sew one like it. :D

S said...

that dress looks fabulous on you! perfection :)

Anonymous said...

i know, i LOVE her hair! mine is the same length, maybe a little longer, but i want her colour and volume... i'm so bringing the first pic to my hairdresser next time i'm going!

TeenageDirtbag said...

This dress really suits you well, great waist :).

Mouthwash said...

Such a beautiful dress. I love everything about it! From the length to the pattern, everything!

Great outfit. :)

Thank you so much for my birthday wishes!

Abi said...

lovely dress!

Debora said...

Gorgeous look dear :) I LOVE IT !!

Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog.

have a look in my blog :

Lydia said...

The neckline of this dress is amazing.

Neekoh said...

I love that you paired the dress with booties rather than classic pumps!


Punctuation Mark said...

that's such a cute dress and you look great in it!

wholesale avirex said...

Wow! What a wonderful dress and the color was great. I like also your shoes it was very stunning. Big thanks for sharing.


wholesale coogi said...

Nice dress, it was fabulous and I love it. Big thanks for sharing and I am looking forward on your next post.