Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Just Can't Wait For Cooler Weather

Well, for a few lovely days this last week, the weather had cooled down to below 100 degrees (and I wore a few of my never worn fall items but didn't take any pictures,) but now we're back up and over that mark...what a tease! Oh well. That being said, here's a mix of items that I normally wouldn't put together as some of the pieces I usually reserve for the cooler temperatures...

(Hmmm...this outfit was much better in person, some looks don't come out quite right on the camera...) I pull this together at the ridiculous hour of 5 AM one morning, at which time was somewhat cool and I'm certain that had too much influence on it.

The pants are lined which means by noon I was sweating but I love them anyway. The button detail at the bottom means I can change the look of them just enough to make them feel a bit more classic and versatile. And it's a little hard to see but I'm also wearing a knit vest over my top. (I'm crazy for knit vests for some reason, I have 3.) But the idea of anything knit or layered in 90% humidity is not so good. I shed it as soon as I got to my car, but to be fair, it was perfect for the overly air-conditioned grocery store on this day.

The beaded tank was a bargain! I think I got it for $30ish which I thought was a good deal for the details. But I admit that I don't wear it very often. I have it tucked in here but it's more of a tunic length and maybe it's just more of a going out/special occasion top. I hadn't really tried wearing it for a while but I do like it.

I guess I really am ready for cooler weather, there's so many things I can't wait to wear! What pieces are you dreaming of pulling out of your closet when the temperatures change?



janettaylor said...

What trendy pants! Love them so much!


Lydia said...

It's actually going to get down in the 60's and 70's this week and next here in Richmond, Va, and I can't wait to have more versatility with my wardrobe! Thanks for your comment. I love your pants!

Anonymous said...

i love your tank! and i think the outfit looks great!

it's already cooler in norway, so i've pulled out some of my autumn-clothes, but i have this really cute knit cardigan with like a deer on the back, that it's still a little too hot to wear... and i love piling on with scarves and layers, makes outfits so much more interesting!

Pearl Westwood said...

What a great detail on the cuffs x

Stacee said...

Those pants are awesome!! Love them :)


bridechic said...

WOW! So chic . . .