Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Closet Smells Good

Have I ever mentioned my small obsession with perfume?  As a kid, I loved the big fat magazines with all the different scents folded inside, I couldn't wait to try all of them.  I would scour garage sales for the itty bitty little samples that the ladies would sell to you for a dime.   I dreamed of owning a collection of crazy perfume bottles from Avon...

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and I can smell Chanel #5 and Secret deodorant block away (Mom!)  Yeah, I've always been a bit of a junkie.  I don't really have a specific favorite, no "signature scent."  I love them all!  I currently have 6 on rotation, something for my every mood, although I do tend to find and wear an "everyday" scent, which currently happens to be Philosophy Amazing Grace...

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 It's light and clean and hasn't offended anyone's nose that I know of.
 But I'm getting ready to switch to Florabotanica from Balenciaga,


a beautiful, yet somehow edgy floral, the top note being rose, perfect for spring.  It wasn't what I expected and I definitely had to wear it a few times before deciding it was for me. 
A spritz of perfume is my final step to getting dressed every day, (though not the only time I'll use it.)  I spray a small mist into the air and walk through it, so not to be overwhelming and allow all the different notes in the bouquet to open up...A lovely way to head out the door.

What scent will you be wearing this spring?



Style Journey said...

I really like perfume, especially light floral scents. The downside is they all give me a horrible headache! The Bath & Body Works type sprays seem to be okay though. My favorite scents are lemon coconut. Reminds me of summer :) Heather

Keit said...

I think I'm gonna wear el natural- sweat :D Haha, kidding. I prefer the fruity flavors ^_^ The ones which are so sweet, they make you dizzy!

Dancing Branflake said...

I've worn Premier Jour for the last ten years. I'm never fully dressed without it!

jamie-lee said...

I like to wear the same perfume all year round. I am wearing a YSL parisienne at the moment. LOVE it!

Ali of Dressing Ken said...

I like simplicity in a perfume bottle. I love Miss Dior.

Ali of