Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Taking Care of Business

Hooray!  I have the day off!
I have many things planned, and in between getting a pedicure and going out to lunch, I have many unglamorous items on my list that really need to get checked off, like unclogging the downstairs toilet and washing the bugs off my car.  Both gross, both necessary.  Of course the sense of accomplishment is hard to beat but spending a day at the pool would be hard to beat too.

In other news, I bought a pair of shorts.

Not something that has happened in a very long time!  I have a few pairs that were pants that I have altered and they never make it to the blog.  I just prefer dresses and skirts, I think they are much more flattering on me than shorts.

On my first day of testing my new shorts out, it was pointed out by a loved one how disturbingly white my legs happen to be, which I had previously pointed out, (tanorexic I am not,) and they lovingly suggested that I try Loreal's Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Towelettes...

I had given up on self tanners more than a few years ago.  I find the lotions to much of a hassle- too streaky if you're not careful, and don't get too much on the knees, elbows, ankles, etc.  Most look orange instead of a golden glow and don't even get me started on the smell!  But yes, my legs looked sickly and I decided to give the towelettes a try.

The picture above shows my legs about 2 hours after application, they have started to get a little bit of color, more golden than orange, which I like.  By the end of the day, I really had a nice glow going on and I liked it even more.  The application of the towelette is so much easier than lotion.  That being said, I came out a little streaky, missed some spots, but to be perfectly honest, I am one of those people who tend to rush through something like this-Yes, user error.  I will be using it again and this time will be more careful and be sure I color in the spot that I missed.

The downside for me was (and it always is,) the smell.  Perhaps I am more sensitive, but it ends up being all I can smell for the rest of the day.
I bought mine at Walgreen's for about $13.50 USD, but I'm seeing them for less when I google them.

Ok, gonna get down to this list now...toilet, here I come.
What are you doing today?


Shybiker said...

Great shorts! You wear them well.

Keit said...

Bah, who cares, pale legs, brown legs, people should start minding their own business! I'm gonna look like cheesy, hell if I care :D
Love the new booties dear, and man, your plans for the day off sound like mine :D

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

We suffer from the same affliction - pasty white legs. Oddly enough, I almost bought those towelettes last weekend, because my forays into self-tanner have resulted in pure streakiness {that may be worse than the pastiness}. I think I may pick it up.

P.S. You look gorgeous! I love the way you've styled those shorts!!


FAIIINT said...

I am not a shorts person either, I'm not sure why, I just feel they are all a little unflattering on me! These look great on you though & love the print!

Shybiker said...

Hey buddy! After replying to your helpful comment, I thought your suggestion was so constructive that I should write a whole post about it. I just did -- and linked to your blog. Thanks!!

ODYSSEY said...

Off topic a bit but....your ankle boots! :)
I bought some self-tanner but haven't blocked off the chunk of time it takes to apply...and wait.