Friday, April 17, 2009

Envirosax - Fashionable Grocery Shopping

Cool website/idea alert!

Check out They have the most stylish, reusable grocery bags at the most reasonable prices around! The polyester bags are not only waterproof and have the most adorable patterns, but each bag can carry up to 44 pounds each! That's a lot of catlitter (or salad or chicken legs or whatever you happen to buy or carry in bulk.)

I can picture myself with the Flora Pouch,

which is a set of 5 bags that I could coordinate with just about any outfit. J4 would love the Retro Kitchen Pouch,

and Mom could get rid of all her mismatched bags that she carries for work with the Amazonia Pouch...but wait...I may be giving away X-mas gifts here. And you don't have to buy 5, you can buy a single bag as A. did (who happened to introduce me to the product,) and they aren't just for groceries. I imagine any of the Monochromatic bags could work for anyone.

(Monochromatic Bag 4)

Hey, I'm just trying to help you stay cute and keep plastic bags from wrapping around some poor bird's beak.


P.S. I didn't take these pictures.

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Ann said...

THanks for stopping by my blog! Thanks for the tip on the salads. Have a great weekend, Ann