Friday, April 10, 2009

The Black and White Wardrobe

There is a certain breed of people out there who wear only black and white with a few shades of gray in between and they seem perfectly happy. Don't they miss color? What about a red shoe?

A co-worker of mine is one of these people. Her reasons? It's easy and she always matches even when she's running late. She also manages to pull off classic, chic looks every day. I have a large collection of black shirts, but they're mostly t-shirt style and not really very interesting at all. So what makes her wardrobe work so much better than mine? She has a great selection of simple but well structured dresses and tops that she layers over pants and dark denim and is never without one cool accessory. (It also doesn't hurt that she has the most naturally beautiful, black, modelesque head of hair...)

So the question I ask-Is this fashion cheating or fashion brilliance? I'm not sure, but I came across some goodies as I was researching this topic that could make me give up my "colorful" know what I mean...(and of course I didn't take these photos...)

Phi Spring 2009...This floaty tunic/dress would be perfect for Texas weather!

Dear Heart, meet Dillian from Christian Louboutin. I admit, this was love at first sight. Sigh...

This Herve Leger Ombre Dress is amazing! And of course I would need to be much taller and much richer for this dress, but a girl can dream!

Well, I'm not convinced that a wardrobe this basic would satisfy me. Maybe I could get away with it for a week but I know I'd be craving my green flats, and my yellow clutch, and my new turquoise wedges, and...


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