Sunday, February 21, 2010

Found in My Closet - Easy Everyday Dress

Today the weather has been outrageously gorgeous! It's currently 75 degrees and a bit windy but so amazingly fresh...I just had to go out for a walk with the dogs! I also decided that I was going to test out a dress that I purchased at Le Garage Sale but have not yet posted.

It's from LNA (?) and it's a nice weight cotton jersey that I think will be perfect for an everyday dress. It looks like a simple skirt and top and really needs the help of accessories, but I see it as sort of a blank canvas. Today was a more casual day, I went to the grocery store and a dog walk so a navy scarf and big bangles made it a little more fun.

The silk scarf was the perfect weight for the dress...I tried knitted but they seemed too heavy. Or perhaps the sun just had me hopeful! Either way, I loved the sheen of it against the matte dress.

It also gave me an excuse to pull out these lace up wedges. (No leggings today! I want the sun to throw a little bit of color on me...pasty!) They are one of those things taking up space in my closet and I need to wear them or donate them. I've had them for about 2 years but never really worked with them. Do the laces seem to be too much? I'm not sure but I'm beginning to grow fond of them. They're surprisingly comfy!

I guess I need to enjoy the day while I can...rumor has it that we are to be back down in the 30's by Tuesday! I really hope that's only a rumor!


Pearl Westwood said...

Oh sun I had forgotten what it looks like, we have snow, again! I really love your shoes, great colour, if the laces bother you you could always switch them for ribbon, Ive done on some of my shoes. I love the bangles, especially the sparkly one x

Fashion Tidbits said...

your dogs are cute!

heart charlie said...

Love your outfit, LOVE LNA, and I LOVE your shoes, where did you get them??!!

AH said...

great outfit! and amazing wedges!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hello lace-up wedges that I adore. Oh, those are stunning!! :)


cool shoes!