Thursday, June 30, 2011

Missing Color In My Closet-Blue

Red and blue are the 2 colors that I have the least of in my closet. Green, however takes up a good amount of space. I actually own a few great items in red but I find red to be...intimidating? Showy? Too bold? While to me, green is very neutral, sort of middle of the road. And blue, well, I just don't own that much blue. It isn't that I don't like the hue, in fact I'm open to most any color. I have a touch of navy (again a neutral in my book,) and maybe something in turquoise but nothing really blue. At least until now...

And for me, this is very blue! It also makes me think outside the box when putting something on the bottom. I think I have a hard time with blue on blue after the whole double denim thing so I really didn't like the way it looked with regular jeans. But grey works out well. And surprisingly enough, it goes with a lot of other items in my closet that I would have never dreamed of pairing it with.

Is there a color missing in your closet? Which one?


Anonymous said...

i love that top, it's stunning! and it looks amazing with those jeans and sandals!

i have a lot of blue in my closet, blue and purple, and more recently, it's filled up with some pinks, too... yellow, green, orange and red are colours i don't really have a lot of... in fact, i think i've given all my green stuff to charity, except for some 'military-green' skinny cargos... and the same goes for my yellow clothes... orange has never found it's way into my closet, and i need more red!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a lot of red either. I would like more, but it has never quite felt like me.

I love this shade of blue on you!

Cathy Benavides said...

There are no words for how awesome that top is! That stunning color, the drapey style- it's just amazing! Kudos to you for trying something so new. It definitely paid off!!

erin :) said...

For one, I think your haircut looks great! :) And I always have so much blue in my closet somehow. But I'm loving that bright blue. It suits you so well!

And thanks for all the consistent comments! I've been really bad about following up/keeping up on my blog really. Haha. And yes, I will be blogging even after high school! Hopefully I'll be better at keeping up! :)

Hope your summer's been lovely! :)

MalibuMara said...

Great colors! I want more brighter colors, I have a muted color palate but im slowly buying more bright things. Its so weird bc i don't consider myself that emo or anything LOL.


Laurel said...

I love that top! I think that color blue is missing from my closet too...actually solid colors are missing in general. I am on the hunt for solids, especially bright blues (to go with my red jeans, of course)!

You look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Pretty! I have virtually no red and not a smidgen of yellow in my closet.

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S said...

I adore this blue on you!!! I always feel like I should wear more red but shy away from it.