Saturday, June 15, 2013

Out And About in Austin-The Butterfly Bar

I have been stuck at home sick on and off for the last two weeks and I finally had the chance to get dressed and go out for the evening! 
Yup, no more pajamas and sweatpants.  No heels but they weren't really necessary for the night.  Austin is probably one of the most casual cities ever and the Butterfly Bar helps it live up to that reputation.

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It's attached to a local theater, the Vortex.  I think it sort of serves as the concession stand for the theater.  The inside is lovely but it's even better outside...

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You can hang out on the patio or in one of the many outdoor chairs...

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or in the greenhouse for a little privacy.  No heels...they either get caught between the porch planks or dig into the dirt.  I speak from experience.  But like I said, Austin is very casual and this place is kind of like hanging out at your neighbor's, which also happens to have an excellent Italian food cart conveniently located in the backyard...

 Mmmm!  Patrizi's!  I don't tend to eat Italian food very often so it's a treat when I do.  Apparently the family has a few restaurants around Texas and this is the 2nd food trailer/cart in Austin.

 Plastic forks and paper plates...Last night I had the carbonara and soup special. 

(If I hadn't almost gotten my car towed, it would have been a perfectly lovely took a lot of politeness and sweet talk, but I got out of it!)
I love eating outdoors and the sweaty hot nights of Austin...what do you love about where you live?


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Shybiker said...

I love posts like this 'cause they give us a feel for foreign places. I've always wanted to visit Austin due to its reputation as a hip spot in a big dry state.