Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scaring The Pants Off Of Me - White Denim

White denim.  Another of those "iffy" items in the closet.  Am I gonna get them dirty, is it too late in the year to wear "white" white?  The answer to both those questions is probably yes.  Whatever.  I wore them...

And I wore them on a Monday too.  We had just gotten in from San Fran late the night before and they were clean and nothing else was.  (The reason for the sleepy eyes…)  They also remained relatively white, which is not normally the case.  
This pair is by Vizcaino. I love the fit of them, they are 2% elastane, 98% cotton, so they hold their shape very well and don't stretch and sag within 5 minutes of putting them on.  

Haha...I look like I have elf ears in this picture…
But I am beginning to feel that sparkle of the upcoming holidays and a this jewel collared sweatshirt is fun!  (I love sequins etc, but I often feel like I'm wearing a dance costume from back in the day.  This is a good amount for me!)

So whatever, white denim anytime of the year is good for me.  I will, of course, freak out about getting them dirty because that's just the way I am…I'm working to get over this…really, I am….



Keit said...

Hahha, rules are meant to be broken, so white pants power to the max! :-D
The collar is so pretty and glittery!

Shybiker said...

The crispness of white is appealing. And there's no reason to limit when we wear something nice. I didn't know you are an elf!

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Swoon! I LOVE how white denim looks with brown boots or riding boots - such a killer combo. And that sparkly necklace - gorgeous!!


Laura said...

Oooh I love that collar! It's just the right amount of bling. =)

Anthea Lau said...

you look really nice in these white jeans! and love that sparkly collar!

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