Monday, December 2, 2013

Found In My Winter Closet

Oh winter wardrobe, why do I live in a place that's really only cold for one month?  It's never enough time to really wear all my winter goodies!   I have finally had a chance to sort through some of my closet, storing the strappy summer dresses and sandals, and replacing them with sleeves and tights, though I'm no where near finished with the task.  But the joy of falling in love all over again with these items that I haven't seen since last February is immeasurable!

Two things that I have very rarely worn happen to be this cocoon cardigan thing from Moth and pale blue pleated column dress by Bordeaux, and never have they been worn together.  It just so happened that I needed a little something to keep me warm this morning.  And now that I look at it, the neck line of the dress appears to make me look a lot like a football player…

But weirdly enough I don't mind it…it's a shape thing…the two together make me very happy!

What was once lost but now is found in your winter closet?



Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I have to admit...I'm loving the flowiness of these two pieces together - it's very cozy bordering on bohemian chic. Gorgeous!

P.S. You mentioned gel nails in your last comment. Do gel manis change the shape of your nails?

Keit said...

I had a very weird looking plaid jacket, that all of a sudden is a mega fashionable item now :D
Adore this styling of yours, the dress is so feminine!

Laura said...

I agree that falling back in love with old clothes is the best! xoxo

Y said...

Nice Dress babe

xoxo Y

ODYSSEY said...

Always good when you can shop your own closet. :)
Having left the tropics, I'm steadily adding lightweight wool pieces.