Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finally Out of My Closet - New Boots

I've been sick for over a week - actually, make that a month. I went from one ailment right into another one within about 4 days, but I'll spare you the fun details...

I'm feeling much better now, a few coughs aside and was excited step out of the house and enjoy the beautiful day. It's extremely sunny but only in the 50's. It proved to be the perfect weather for pulling out my new boots...

I haven't really worn them much, but I figured that the amount of walking we'd be doing was just enough to break them in. They turned out to be much more comfortable than I thought and I think they'll be in my top rotation this winter.

They look great with jeans-

But I'm looking forward to tights and skirts. I love a versatile shoe! I wish they would have had them in black. I have been searching for black boots for months! And after reading about over the knee boots from Pearl at Fashion Pearls of Wisdom, I think they might need to be looked into...

Anyway, on my agenda this morning, coffee (priority) and the local weekly Farmer's Market. Nothing like fresh veggies to help heal!

While there, we (my boyfriend was with me,) ran into Adam H. who introduced us to these 2 bloggers,

David from blog "The Forty Days" is exploring a different activity every day for 40 days from flying lessons, and unicycle riding to volunteering and open mic night. It's crazy but inspiring- check it out, he's on day 31.

Jodi's blog "Tasty Touring" has her living off food samples all day today. Good luck Jodi! I know I tried some crazy things today, there's no telling what's out there! She also has some excellent local food deals for those of you around the central Texas area.

I'm looking forward to dinner tonight. I haven't had much of an appetite while I was sick, but I can finally taste and smell again. Now if we could do something about the congestion in my ears I'd be as good as new.



Jodi said...

Thanks for the shoutout! It was quite a day and I learned that cheese samples are quite prevalent. Overall, I survived, didn't get sick, but wouldn't necessarily want to do an entire day like that again...for lunch I would totally live on samples though!

Pearl Westwood said...

Glad your feeling better, I already had this flu about a month ago and now I got it again so soon! It totally just knocked me flat on my back for a week! What fantastic sounding blogs they have - make my lazy fashion musings pale in significance - well walking in heels is pretty tough ;-) will be sure to check them out! x