Thursday, October 1, 2009

Had To Have In My Closet - Calvin Klein Sandals

I am in love with these suede Calvin Klein sandals.

I've been wearing them with everything, (I'm sure it's been noticed.) I had really been looking for suede boots when I came across these. I saw someone else trying them on in my size and I wanted to rip them off her feet. Bummer for her, they were too small, or so I heard as I hovered around her chair. But it was my lucky day!

The criss cross at the ankles make it look a little tough but I'm all about mixing the tough with the sweet.

The thick heel is sturdy which makes for a great shoe when going out for drinks, if you know what I mean. (I am far to prone to ankle injuries.)

Cocktails anyone?


kpeach said...

really cute-just shows you have to try on bc they look amazing

J. said...

So right! I passed by at least 3 times!

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Wow, they are gorgeous! So chic. And the fabric and texture just complete the effect.

Florrie x

Pearl Westwood said...

I can almost hear you cackling when they didnt fit the other girl LOL. I've done it my self! These are AMAZING shoes, so perfect in terms of toughness/pretty! God-damn you winter!
Pearl x

J. said...

Oh Pearl, I was totally giggling under my breath! I think the reason I didn't pick them up right away is because winter is right around the corner, however, living in Texas I can wear sandals a little bit longer...that helped justify my purchase.

preppygoesrock said...

i love calvins and im so jealous... it really looks good on you and i wish there would be a time when I could wear them to school or in the malls

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StyleSpy said...

Ooh, those are terrific!

The Starving Stylist said...

Extremely gorgeous sandals! just perfect to dress up and dress down in!

christine said...

calvin klein makes the most comfortable heels. these are great!