Friday, November 6, 2009

The Boot Saga Continues

The boots had to be canceled! Trust me, great sadness at 7 am today. I was told they'd been lost and they refunded my money but that left me sans boots.

So the hunt continues.
I found a pair at my local Bebe, but they didn't have the size or color that I wanted.

(Photo from
This is the Madison, which the lovely girls found at another store and ordered for me. They look promising but I'm not so sure about the corset look up the back...

(Photo from
Sorry for the small pic...They are returnable so if I hate them I'm not stuck with them. I tried them with my jeans in the brown which was very pretty, and they fold over at the knee which makes them more versatile.
Of course I'll be out of town when they arrive-business trip (and probably computerless...) so I guess this is becoming a lesson in patience...I wait...



Pearl Westwood said...

Oh no!!! But the new ones look nice, I think the laceing will look great especially with pants or tights that contrast in colour x

StyleSpy said...

Aaaauuuugghhhhh!!!!!! I feel your pain!! Can they not send you another pair of the Topshop ones? SO frustrating!

I'm really hankering for some OTK boots as well, and trying to work out how much of my budget I'm willing to blow on something I might only wear for a season or two.


What a pitty, even I do love those boots