Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Additions to My Closet - Small Hand Bags

I feel like I haven't been home forever! As much as I enjoy seeing new places, it's always a relief to settle down to a normal life. It's been a crazy month of travel for me, but I'm back now with tons to talk about!

I'm excited about these new additions to my handbag collection! I received these little lovelies over the weekend, (thank you Mr. H.) and I don't know which one I'll debut first. They're all small, some perfect for an evening out and some perfect for holiday shopping when I don't need to be weighed down with a large purse along with shopping bags.

Can you believe that I didn't have one small black evening bag? This one is satin with a jeweled buckle...the details are a little hard to see. But it's perfect! How come this hasn't been in my wardrobe sooner? It makes me want to dress up for a matinee of the Nutcracker! Now to convince the boyfriend...

Can you say lipstick, credit card and phone? Because that's all that'll be need in this one! I imagine I'll use this one with everything. The black and white will go with anything and even though it's small, it's quite a sturdy bag, made with a nice thick leather.

I have the perfect pair of heels for this one! Chains and black leather, classic rock and roll!

Close up of the details. I love the over sized leather paillettes!

And now for more color! This one is adorable and maybe my favorite! Once again, it's only big enough for the necessities but this tiny thing will carry me through the year.

All these bags could fit into a larger purse and taken out when the bigger bag isn't needed. (Note to all: Be sure to leave the larger bag locked and hidden in the car, as this time of year is notorious for break ins...) And I love that they can sit on a table during dinner and not take up too much space. I hate putting my larger bags on the floor, so gross and dirty!

It feels good to be home! And now I must leave it for a few hours to get some Xmas shopping done.



Pearl Westwood said...

Glad you had a good trip, I like how you didn't just go for one bag, but saw a hole in your closet and went about filling it!!! Really I couldn't choose they are all really cute. Hmm you are inspiring me to go get a dainty bag, all mine are huge! x


The leather paillettes bag is superbe!