Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally In My Closet - OTK Boots

My boots from Bebe showed up right after I left for Florida but I haven't yet had a chance to post them. This is the second time I've worn them but already I can't get enough of tall boots!

These also roll down to just at the knee but I totally forgot to do it for these pictures...another post...

The lace up the back is different and I like the look of the contrasting pant showing through.

But now the more I look at them the more they sort of have a pirate look to them...

Hmmm..."Pretty Woman" or "Pirates Of The Carribean?" Anyway, I like them and I'm going to keep them but I wanted tall boots to wear in winter with dresses for the purpose of keeping my legs warmer and the laces also sort of defeat that purpose, though suppose I could wear them with tights...I think I still want a style closer to the Topshop pair that I had originally ordered...Do I dare?



Pearl Westwood said...

YAY! Oh they are so amazing, I love the laces!!! Its funny I've come to wear my over knees constantly as belive it or not they are the only practical pair of shoes I own, as they have rubber gripped soles!!

Nathalie said...

the shoes are amazing. Overknee boots are just sooo cool! And the lace up is really unexpected :)

Anonymous said...

love the boots - and your blog!

i'm going to order the topshop ones next week, just waiting for my paycheck! :P

thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Hiii, thank u for your comment!
I loove the boots, they're gorgeous, will check rest of your blog now :-)

nicole said...

Ooh! love your OTK boots! glad you posted a pic, they look amazing on you! I esp love the surprise crisscross detailing at the back, that is hot.

Teresa said...

Oooh, the lace-up in the back of those boots are super hot! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Those boots are HOT !! dicky Doo UK x