Sunday, December 6, 2009

In My Kitchen Closet - Vintage Aprons

It's that baking time of year again and aprons are a must have in every cooking fashionista's closet. Ok, ok, I'll probably be wearing these vintage cuties while my sister bakes (I'll let her wear one too.) These are entirely hand made and so adorable!

Red gingham is so festive for the holidays! And I love the rick-rack trim and hankerchief hemline...sugary sweet!

Hand appliques make this one special!

I made a close up but I'm not sure you can see all the perfect little stitches around each piece of the applique. Absolutely amazing! What a steady hand this must have been!

Black and white...this will go over anything I wear in the kitchen!

Once again another closeup, this time of the embroidery, or maybe it's cross stitch. Either way, you can imagine the kind of time this must have taken! Now think about how crazy long it would take to make an Haute Couture creation!

All these aprons were made by either my boyfriend's great grandmother or great aunt many years ago and they look like new! It's incredible that a pair of jeans can be worn out in a few months time these days yet these have last eons! They just don't make them like they used to!



hannah elizabeth said...

oh man this makes me want to attempt to bake something so bad! i have immense love for kitschy kitchen supplies, even though i can't actually make anything edible...

Nathalie said...

Christmas baking is just soooo very very nice. And those aprons are really cute.

meraldia said...

Very vintage and very beautiful, especially the last one!

kpeach said...

these are so cute! I think I need some xo

Anonymous said...

They look like they came from a 50's sitcom show...didn't we all once fantasize about our moms being the betty home maker who wears gingham aprons?

kirstyb said...

very pretty x


Hi darling, I've been so busy lately, sorry for the late response! Your blog is allways amazing

The Bible of fashion,

Treacle said...

How nifty!

Speaking of vintage...have you seen the lingerie giveaway I'm having on my blog? I'd love for you to enter! :-)

nicole said...

always have love for the red gingham aprons, they're classic!

thanks for all your comments dear, really appreciate them!

hope it's not too cold in Texas! stay warm :)

Pearl Westwood said...

so cute!! makes me think of when I was little and my mum would bake fairy cakes x

Kendra said...

I love this, its great
Thanks for the comment also,
Come again!
Please follow if you haven't already, 200 followers by xmas is my goal :)

Treacle (Stockings Addict) said...

I hope it's all right for me to post a second time but I'm having another lingerie giveaway on my blog now. It's for a black satin bra, panty, and garter belt set worth $85. I'd love for you enter! :-)

noel said...

oh my gosh, i LOVE aprons and make my own all of the time, but these are ADORABLE. they are really really cute.

Anonymous said...

these are all SOO cute! i am not the greatest cook, so perhaps an adorable vintage apron would be just the thing to help me in the kitchen. ~joelle