Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thinking About Adding to My Closet - Asymmetrical Dresses

The New Year has me crazy (in a lot of good ways!) and it's been a while since I've had the opportunity to post, so please forgive me.

Anyway, the Texas weather has been crazy...we even had snow on Xmas Eve...which has required a lot of creative layering. I have no problems with wearing all my favorite items at once, but I'm starting to long for dress weather to return! Actually, for no reason in particular, I've been attracted to asymmetrical cut dresses, which used to just drive me insane! It just looked so wrong to my eye.

But this morning while I was sifting through the Bergdorf Goodman site (that's where all the photos are from,) these lovely dresses caught my eye and I think I could be happy with any of them in my closet...

This Alice and Olivia number would be perfect right shows off a little skin at the shoulder, but the fuller skirt would hide those extra holiday pounds. With a pair of tall over the knee boots and bright red lipstick, it could be so fun!

If asymmetrical always looked as good as this Lanvin dress does, then I probably would have never had a problem with it in the first place! It could be pulled off for so many occasions! A strappy, sparkled sandal would take this to a wedding but imagine it with a thick platform pump for the office! (If you happen to work in such a stylish place...)

And what can be said for this sexy Rachel Roy? I love the thick pleated shoulder and it could be so glamorously retro with a vintage fur (faux or otherwise,) thrown over it. HOT!

Well I guess I'll be waiting (in the rain today) for dress weather and enjoy the layers while I still can because I know soon enough that I'll be praying for winter to come back!



Pearl Westwood said...

Yay! So nice that your back!! Hope you had a fab xmas, I love the beige dress xx

kirstyb said...

love them i have two xxx

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to see you back!! missed your posts.

and i too have been thinking about asymmetrical dresses- especially the one-sleeved variety. i think i may try to make my own top like that out of a baggy tee. ~joelle

sleepysweet said...

It's always dress weather...just add a long sweater, patterned tights, socks and some tough doc's and be careful not fall down the steps, as I have done, twice.