Saturday, May 21, 2011

Art Fund Raiser For KIPP School

Last night I went to a fund raiser at La Pena Gallery for the kindergarten art program at my nephew's school...

Basically, the student's art could be purchased for either $5 or $10, (depending on whether or not it was framed.)
It was so fun! Everyone was all dressed up and each student was so excited to find their work framed and displayed!

It may not be a Picasso or a Renoir, but in a special way each one was priceless!

Other than my nephew's (of course!) this one may have been my favorite!

The artist contemplates his work.
I actually purchased J's art for my sister as a belated Mother's Day gift.

Though I believe the fund raiser was for the kindergarten classes specifically, there was also art from some of the older children.

This one was called "The Big Wedding." I love the bright colors!

I remember loving art class as a kid and can't imagine it not having been a part of my school life! I hope they made enough to keep it going for at least another year!



AH said...

aw, children's art is so cute:)

MalibuMara said...

how cute! That seems like so much fun, I wish I had that when I was at school.
AND thanks for cmnting, that lady really threw me off yesterday! Im pretty self aware, she was just insecure.

Haru said...

I always loved art class at school too! :)
How cute the last picture!!
Thank you for your lovely comment x

Haru x

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love your nephew's work, and all of these pieces. It is so sweet to see the artwork of children! :)

rental mobil jakarta said...

Very nice, thanks.

Sharon said...

I love the drawings! Your lipcolor is gorgeous :)