Monday, May 9, 2011

I Wore Shorts Because It's Monday

Mondays are one of those days that I wear's because it's Monday, it's easy, (you know what I mean,) however, sometimes the mood for something different is just too hard to resist.

Yesterday I made a late night run to Barnes and Noble for a quick tea and magazine before bed and while flipping through the various magazines I passed by something featuring shorts and flowy shirts. At 8 am I woke up with the plan of pulling on jeans (my usual,) but the urge to sport some shorts was undeniable! So today I gave in to my whims and wore them...

Normally I would consider shorts inappropriate work attire, but the preppy tweed print, longer length and the fact that they're made of wool made them less casual. They also happen to be unlined, very hot and very itchy if I sat for any length of time in them. But I like them anyway.

This vintage blouse really isn't anything at all like I saw in the magazine, but the longer sleeves do help the shorts pass as job appropriate.
I've been wearing this necklace all weekend, it's been one of those easy pieces that works with everything. The clutch is Loeffler Randall for Target that I got at a clothing swap. You can't tell in the picture but the necklace and purse are both sort of coppery brown and sparkly. And the boots are just comfortable. You know, for Monday.

How did you style your Monday?


Anonymous said...

i love your outfit! those must be the perfect work-shorts! i had this monday off, so i wore shorts and a tank the casual way... :P

Anonymous said...

I thin your shorts are look great on you. I agree that Mondays need to be easy!

janettaylor said...

Gorgeous shorts!

Anonymous said...

that blouse screams Karl Lagerfield!