Thursday, November 29, 2012

Can I Rock A Party Frock For Day?

I have a co-worker who can rock a party dress like no other...she doesn't save them for parties, but instead wears them wherever and whenever it pleases her.  I've even seen her take out the trash in a party dress!  This girl is getting her money's worth for sure.
I, on the other hand, have only worn my party dresses for just that- parties.  Usually weddings and I'll wear it more than once, provided that it hasn't already been seen by the crowd that I'll be part of on any particular occasion, but really all they do is hang out in my closet.  So out of curiosity, could I wear a party dress for day?  Well, turns out I can...

It took a little more thought to style it down for a day at work.  I've had this Nicole Miller dress for years, and normally I wear it with a red sash belt, my favorite Christian LaCroix evening shoes, and more bold make up but clearly, that would not be a day look.  

Flats, instead of heels made a huge difference!  I bought these hand dipped dyed darlings a few weeks ago and love them!  Strangely enough they go with way more than I thought they would.  (But, I do admit that I miss the height.) 

Instead of the sash, and because of the fact that it's strapless, a little shrug/cropped cardi was necessary for work.  But, because it's a party dress, I couldn't resist a little sparkle around my neck.

It was fun to step out of my box for a day, and I got loads of compliments on this look, but it is very different than what I usually wear to work.  But, just thinking about cost per wear changes the way I think about those semi formal barely worn dresses that happen to be taking up valuable space in my wardrobe, because this is not only party dress that I you may be seeing more of them soon.  It is after all holiday party season, and how much easier is it to go from work day to night party when you're already wearing the dress?



Issa Tchieu said...

Like the idea of the shrug for some personal style :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Personally, I LOVE the way you dressed down this party frock! Those dip-dyed flats were such a great choice. Also...can I just say that I LOVE that dress? I have a thing for tulle! :P

melissa said...

I love black and white outfits and I am already thinking of all kinds of things to wear for all the holidays parties to come this next month! x said...

pretty dress :)

Kimberly said...

I LOVE this dress so much! You look so gorgeous!

Jasmin Mazarine De Waele said...

hahahahhaah you have one crazy friend over there :)
she seems awesome, so keep her!
your fab new (!) follower
ps: I love your writing style and blog! So, as I said, I followed! Check out mine and maybe follow back if you like? :)

Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} said...

Omg that dress is gorgeous!!!

Neekoh said...

I love this dress! Whether you wear it for day or night, it's the perfect time to break it out.



I'm so glad you tried this experiment! You look super cute and ready to party. Love the shoes -- they add the perfect pop of color!