Monday, April 1, 2013

I Finally Get to Take This Out Of My Closet- Eyelet Dress

First let me say, I wore white today and didn't spill anything on myself!  (Thank you, thank you very much.)  I'm not bragging, I consider that a win for the day.
Anyway, being that we are supposedly into the Spring season, (the last few days have not been very warm here,) I finally decided that today the time was right for eyelet...

and to be honest, it's a lot of eyelet!  The skirt actually has a slight bubble to it and it's more fabric and pouf than I'm used to.  There's more heft to it than one would imagine for eyelet!  But it's so darn pretty and I've been waiting since September to wear it.  It's a shame that I only wore it to work.  Anyway, the broach is a vintage piece from the BF's great aunt.

(Close up of eyelet and broach.)

What are waiting to wear this spring?


Style Journey said...

A white eyelet dress is the epitome of spring! I absolutely love this paired with the boots and belt with the brooch. White is scary for me. I have a white shirt on today and have been a nervous wreck all day, ha ha!


Shybiker said...

Gorgeous. Really beautiful. I find poof to be so feminine.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love love love dresses like this for spring and summer - I always want to pair them with cowboy boots {or booties}. You look glam! Also pertinent...that brooch is such a perfect touch! :)

Allie said...

I love this dress! It's beautiful :)



rlutz said...

Kudos for keeping the dress clean all day, not an easy task! I lovehowyou paired it with the brown belt and great ankle boots!!

Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} said...

LOVE that dress!!! Perfection!

Janice Lunes said...

This is a very nice combination :)

I really like the white dress with the belt like you did :)

Have a great weekend :D

Kisses !!

melissa said...

Cute and a white dress is as important as a lbd! x