Saturday, January 18, 2014

I'm Surprised By My Closet

Hmmm...I hadn't gone back to look at my older outfit posts for quite some time until today.  I guess I had been wondering if I have any type of "specific" style. I kind of thought I was eclectic, or maybe sort of experimental, (maybe just mental,) but really, I might be much closer to a preppier style.  Not necessarily in the fabric choices but more so in traditional shape.

Anyway, here's a look with very traditional-ish classic preppy pieces from my closet...

Olive cargo pants and breton striped shirt...well, almost breton stripe.

My shoes are least classic, though they are Docs believe it or not.  (And they sort of blend into my rug...sorry about that!)

I may need to investigate myself further.  I know I have some interesting pieces in my closet, but frankly I'm surprised!  How can I not see my own style?   Am I the only one who doesn't recognize myself?  I don't think I am...

Do you know your style?



Keit said...

Hahaha, I don't know my style either. When people want me to explain it in one word, I just say:"comfy", but that's not a style, so yeah :D Having a hard time finding out myself too, don't worry :D

Shybiker said...

We are all the worst judges of ourselves -- we simply don't see ourselves with the distance and clarity that others do. And almost all of us have distinct, consistent styles and habits.

I find this to be true of most of my female blogging friends. They think they wear a wide variety of clothes but I see that range as much narrower.

Because of my inexperience, I experiment with wildly-different stuff, but I recognize that certain shapes and patterns appeal to me so I favor them. That recognition, which initially surprised me, emerged after a few years of blogging -- and it was in looking back at my blog-outfits that I saw it clearly.

BTW, I like your style!

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

I'm kind of in love with this look! It's like edgy on the bottom, preppy/classic on top. Perf combo!

As for my depends on what day it is, I suppose. I can never pinpoint it.


Boheme.Fille said...

Really great top!

Mihaela said...

Ohh, that's such a great post! I always love reading your blog :) Have a great day!


Julie Ann Lozada said...

i like the top... and nice pants :)

It’s a GIRL Thing

Eliza Pellicone said...

amazing outfit :)

Like your blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

Anonymous said...

I love, love this outfit- especially how the top looks. So as not to comment on every single post you have here, I just need to mention that your hair looks AWESOME parted in the middle in the previous post. I love it!