Wednesday, January 8, 2014

They Say Admitting to the Problem is the First Step

And maybe I need to step back and really take a look at the situation...
As I was cleaning my bedroom desk, I was able to pull out no less than 6 tubes of mascara,

(some of them yet unopened) and that was only what was within my reach at that moment.  I'm sure I have some hidden away, stashed in suitcases and purses, bathroom cabinets, etc.  But truth be known, I'm always on the hunt for my "Ms. Perfect," of the mascara world.

Perhaps my expectations are too high-no clumping, but I want volume, no flaking, I can't be allergic to it, (easier said than done,) I don't want skinny long spider leg lashes, but it does need to have a little lift and curl...Ok, so maybe it is too much.

The least expensive ones,  Rimmel Glam Eyes (top) and Maybelline Great Lash actually top my list, Rimmel having the edge in the lift and curl category but the Maybelline gives me good volume, as does the TIGI, but I like the smaller Maybelline brush better, it's easier to use at the edges of my eyes.  I have yet to use the Chanel, and I haven't used the Bobbi Brown enough (2 different kinds) to make an honest opinion.  

There, it's out in the open, I'm obsessed with mascara, and I won't stop until I find my dream mascara!  I know it's out there!  (Any recommendations?)

What makeup do you endlessly hunt down?  Lipsticks?  Glosses?


Keit said...

Bhahaha, it's like I'm looking at my sister right now. She has 40 mascaras and every Birthday she requests us to give her another one. You both are loonies :D

Cat Eyes & Skinny Jeans said...

Nail polish. I think anyone who sees my stash would think that I was insane. Hundreds!


FAIIINT said...

I'm exactly the same, always think that the 'one' is out there somewhere! I do agree though, all of the cheaper brands I've tried have been much better than the expensive kinds, currently I'm using MaxFactors Masterpiece which I really like :)