Friday, February 27, 2009

Glam Rock Chic

In the 80's the hottest ladies in rock were Joan Jett and Chrissy Hynde. Back then it was all or nothing with hair dyed so black it was blue and thick eyeliner that never seemed to wash all the way off.

Well, the look is back - minus the hair dye - and fortunately it doesn't have to be a lifestyle and it can actually be fun to pull off every now and then. It can be simple by just adding an accessory to toughen up a soft style...

Personally, I like a little hardware with my accessories. Chains and studs will definitely work.

Skinny jeans also take us back to the hair band days...try pairing them with a vest and tank like these...

And of course, don't forget that vintage T-shirt with a black blazer and boots.

However you choose to mix it up, I personally recommend staying away from tight lycra pants- gross! -and fringe, especially if it's hanging from a leather sleeve. (That never really did do it for me, a little too distracting.) And I'm still ok with the thick eyeliner, but on the top lids only.

Remember, this is more of a going out night look and not (I repeat) a lifestyle.


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