Sunday, February 1, 2009

Walking Away

I've decided to take my legs into the latest millennium and purchase a new razor. Don't get me wrong Pink Gillette - I've been extremely loyal and you've served me very well for years! Your handle is perfectly ergonomic for my hand and I can only think of 1 good nick, but alas! You only have 2 blades! (I'm just not an electric kind of girl...) That's really only one step away from a disposable...

Old 2 Blade Pink

2 Days Later...

Actually I'm wrong- Disposable razors are coming in 2 and 3 blade styles now. I didn't even see any replacement blades for the old Gillette. So I decided to go for the gold and invest in the only 5 blade model on Walgreen's razor display... The Venus Embrace. It came with 2 blade cartridges and a shower pod, (whatever that is) and an 800 number to call if I was not fully satisfied. So into the shower...


After exfoliating, (I always exfoliate,) I lathered on C.O. Bigelow's Premium Shave Cream and executed the first run. It seemed as though the blades were suctioned to my leg and it followed the contours of my knees flawlessly! And talk about smooth! Maybe 5 blades is the way to go. The shower pod as it turns out is a "home" for the razor that sticks to the shower wall. The only design flaw in my opinion is that the handle is too long and on my last Gillette it was much wider which I liked.

So I'm still brand loyal and on a scale of 10 I give it an 8.7. Will this style last as long as the last one? Only time can tell!

Very Nice Results


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jankin said...

julian and i agree your legs look hot!!hoot hoot!!