Monday, February 9, 2009

Suit Shopping with Rhett (And Frank)

Since I rarely get the chance to shop for men's clothing- suits in particular - I just have to gush a little about the outstanding experience at Men's Wearhouse tonight. I was there this evening, with my boyfriend Rhett, in search of a suit for him.
For starters, lucky for him, they were having a buy one suit get one free sale. Every girl loves the sound of that no matter what store she happens to be in. Second, we were promptly greeted by Frank, our excellent salesman, and after Rhett explained what he was looking for and his time constraints, Frank took one measurement, went straight to the rack and pulled out a beautiful charcoal suit, exactly what was needed. It was almost a perfect fit.
As for the second suit, (aka The Free One...) he pulled out an olive/grey suit and I know my nose wrinkled at it. But when Rhett pulled on the coat I could see why he had picked it. It complemented him to a "T." So weird! I thought I would hate it but I liked it even more than the first suit.
While Rhett tried on the pants to have them hemmed, Frank wasted no time in pulling several shirts and ties, of which, after a little mixing and matching, 2 shirts and 3 ties were chosen. Considering the fact that I've heard Rhett call ties "glorified napkins" I'm rather proud of him. (Personally, I liked the lavender, but I'm not the one wearing it.) On top of all this, they had the pants for the charcoal suit hemmed and ready to go within 30 minutes.

So I admit that I thought we would have to dig through a bunch of racks, it would take forever and we would be disagreeing. However, with the service we received, we were out of there within an hour and a half, both of us satisfied and not one argument between us. Way to go Frank!!


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