Thursday, February 19, 2009

Springtime Trends

I've been searching and hunting through magazines and catalogs debating about what springtime trends I can afford and mix and match with my existing wardrobe. The choices are many and due to the economy, all the latest editorials are about mixing high/low, so hopefully I can get maximum mileage out of what I already own. My choices so far?

1) Call me crazy but I love Gucci's safari look complete with the thick purple eyeshadow
2) The LWD (Little White Dress)
3) Snake skin purses and accessories
4) Piled on bangles
5) Shades of neutral beige
6) And I think I'm going to try a gold metallic dress for a's much more subtle than it sounds.

I have already added to my shoe collection (which is all J4's fault,) so I told myself that I can't buy any more shoes until August...unless that perfect pair of caramel colored sandals show up.

And of course to qualify the 2 pair I bought today I had to tell myself that my favorite black strappies are almost done for...

Ahh Closet...We just need to spend a little time together.


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